Tuesday, July 24, 2012

the Cape

Cape Cod,
our Happy Place,
and we are so lucky to have family that open their homes to us,
this picture says a lot....

after hellos and hugs,
the kids waste no time exploring on the docks,

minnow traps, bait buckets, water shoes, and nets,
the kids are content.
they fight less,
bicker less,
and want less.

then it is off to the "secret spot"
a quick 5 minute boat ride to our own private beach.

where the kids swim and explore,

together time,
a time when we enjoy every minute with each other,
catching up with aunts, uncles, and cousins.

for 3 full days...
we relax,
we sit more,
we talk more,
we smile more...
for me...
I say "yes" to the kids more,
I worry less,
I fall asleep the minute my head hits the pillow,
I am calm, and the kids are calm.

we take long walks,
and count our blessings,
breathe a little deeper,
and take the time to find the perfect shell.

we go home with wonderful memories,
happy hearts,
and a few beach treasures.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer so far....

Off to a rough start....my first summer juggling job and kids!
But we are having a great summer!!
And since it has been awhile since my last post....I forgot how to even download pictures...ugh

Our summer so far....

Summer camps for the kids,
Met our new baby cousin Violet!!
tennis lessons.
swimming at Gramma and Shener's pool,
the kids learn what skinny dipping is...and love it!
Caroline turned 8!

we think 8 is GREAT!!!

Sharing Birthday wishes with Daddy...Caroline was the best present...born on her Daddy's Birthday!!
Caroline's cake made by her Uncle Jeff,
and Rob's favorite Whopper Pie!

Off to the race track,
to see Grave Digger!!


And to watch Uncle Jamie WIN his first go-cart RACE!!

We were his pit crew for the day!!

Kayak trip to Goose Pond

found a new spot to have lunch

and how about a pool party with friends!

we have been loving the HEAT here in the NorthEast!!

And I saved the best for last...
Our nephew Tyler, Aunt Norma, and hubby went Skydiving!!!

To celebrate my Aunt's 85th Birthday!!

a few more things...
firefly catching,
picnic and a show at Jacob's Pillow,
ice cream for dinner,
James Taylor show at Tanglewood on my birthday,
had a HUGE tag sale,
made home-made ice cream,
trips to the lake,
made tie dye shirts, and
tubing at Nana and Grampa's house.

Can't wait to see what the next half of summer brings!!!
Happy Summer Everyone!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012


just unpacked….and now re-living our trip through over 800 pictures!


the excitement from the kids was crazy fun!!!


Coop’s face was priceless as we drove into Disney…he couldn’t contain his excitement….he wanted to jump right out of his seat…  “feels just like my dream momma!!!!!”


after checking into the Wilderness Lodge…..


we headed to the docks, where the boat was waiting to take us to Magic Kingdom!!!




early morning 2nd day…..


the morning light was amazing!!

disneyboat  disneycooper just a few of my favorite moments….so many to choose from!!! Caroline was so excited to meet Minnie at “Mickey’s Breakfast”

disneyminnie this just makes my heart smile…..


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Playing catch up!

I think the last time I posted was Valentine’s Day…..     IMG_4270

life has been crazy!

a good crazy, I have to keep reminding myself, a good crazy!

Cooper is now reading…holy cow!


Basketball season is over and done……the kiddos did wonderful!!!


hubby ran the whole show!! Here is Caroline’s team giving flowers to their coaches……they had girls from the high school coaching them…they rocked!!!


we let the kids sleep in the same room….they loved it!!! the were so cute…whispering when the lights went out…and right to sleep when we told them!!! ….however, our early bird Caroline woke sleep head Coop up at 5am….not so cute.


we had a visit from the leprechaun….with strict orders not to mess up the house (I really don’t get the whole messy trick thing) and not to go upstairs near the kiddos’ rooms. Yes, we will be paying for therapy for our kids…for fears of little people….elfs at Christmas time and now little leprechauns!

IMG_4292   IMG_4295

the kids leave out a pair of shoes for the leprechauns to fill with goodies….


this year we tried a new tradition….an Easter Garden. I first read about it here.  And since I was in charge of Sunday school….we got busy making a couple gardens…..


a path of stones leading to a tomb with Jesus inside, guards watching over, candles representing the light to come, water to symbolize hope, and a cactus to represent the crown of thorns.

IMG_4299  IMG_4301   Our first Easter celebration was today, church for palm Sunday and Easter egg making in Sunday school for the kids…..family and friends from near and far arrived….


and now this table that was filled with family and friends, tulips, candles and good food….is now cleared off….


and now is “packing central”…piled high with bathing suits, towels, clothes, travel snacks, cameras…getting ready for our next adventure!!!! Counting down the days!!!!