Monday, October 31, 2011

Snow in October!!


the kids and hubby had their 5 seconds of fame…when the Fox news crew came to report about our crazy snow storm…we got over a foot…almost 2 feet of snow!!!!

i can’t seem to figure out how to post a video…but i can link it!!!

check out Fox News Here  foxnewsjuliefoxnewscaroline

Cooper…trying out his interviewing skills…

foxnewsinterview  IMG_3497

and then it was inside for hot chocolate

and carving pumpkins!


the kids get totally grossed out by it!!!





a few Halloween crafts…thanks Scarlet for the great idea!!!! we tissue papered a couple of baby jars to make candle holders.


   a few painted pumpkins inspired by Meg over at Whatever.



all set for tonight…should be interesting…Trick or Treat in the SNOW!!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

1st snow




took us a few minutes to get the winter gear out.

the kids are in snow heaven!

hubby is looking for the sleds.

I’m going to enjoy a second cup of coffee by the fire.



Thursday, October 20, 2011

Saving our pennies

the kids asked for chores!!

so we tried out a chore list to see how they would do…..and they loved it!!!

i wanted to come up with 10 chores each week….and one extra to earn .25 for a church project.

Make Bed….i expect them to make their bed right when they get up…5 times in a week…they have 2 days they don’t have to….i think once they get in the routine of doing this i will faze it out of the chore list and just expect them to have this done every morning.

Dust….i let them each pick one room in the house….i hide 10 pennies…and as they look for the pennies they dust….this way they dust in all the right places and they think its fun!!

Basket Pick-Up….at the bottom of the stairs they each have their own basket (for me to put things that need to go upstairs) When i call for a “basket pick-up!” they get their basket and go around the house looking for their stuff they they left out, they need to then bring it upstairs and put the stuff away…they can fill in the circle when the basket is returned to the stairs empty.

I also leave a blank chore…for during the week when i ask them to do something….clean off the bathroom sink, match socks, empty the dishwasher.


after i knew the written chore list would work i typed one up….so now all i have to do is print one out each week.


the first week went great, second week…not so great.

i was ready to forget the whole thing because i had to nag them to finish their chores….but i am finding that they are highly motivated by this system, if i can just keep my cool and use gentle reminders…and they are saving EVERY $1.

every penny, nickel and dime is going towards…..can you guess???


they decorated their “banks” with Mickey Mouse stickers….we are planning our first trip to DISNEY in the spring….so exciting!


so…fellow bloggers…any advice? where to stay? what not to miss? what to miss? I have started research for this trip and i am totally overwhelmed by all the information!!! I would love to know what worked for your family…..

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

this and that

this is a group of pictures that has taken WAY too long to get on the wall….beach pictures from last years trip to the Outer Banks and Charleston in the spring.


i am in awe that my blue hydrangeas are now green and wine color…perfect fall flowers.


i am trying to decide what color to paint this bench….i am thinking a turquoise color to brighten up the navy dining room…..


we are crazy about fried eggplant around here…eggplant parm, eggplant lasagna, and even right out of the pan with a little salt and pepper…yum!


we are having an amazing fall…..the kids are still wearing shorts! and last weekend we went to the Cape and we were on the beach…in October!!!

the kids had a half day a couple weeks ago…so we decided to go to one of our favorite spots…..Naumkeag


the kids got right to work on a couple of fairy gardens…while i enjoyed the view.

IMG_3337 IMG_3348IMG_3339

we even did the house tour….AMAZING!

IMG_3344 IMG_3349  

and lastly i leave you with this….our shower walls.


Happy Fall everyone!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


anybody out there???

what is going on??? now that the 2 kids are off to school….i have more time for myself….but i can’t seem to come up with one interesting blog post.

I'm in limbo…my days are pretty boring.

i clean…..finally got around to cleaning out my closest, my car,the kids’ rooms…the junk drawer is even organized….actually ALL the drawers in the house are organized….Boring.

i eat….totally emotionally eating these days….I'm surprised I'm not eating right now.

i shop….yup….i can get a lot of shopping done when i don’t have the kiddos with me….i have already started the Christmas shopping…i know right….crazy.

you might even be saying….this girl needs a job…i know…..i really do! is there a job out there that involves shopping, cleaning and blogging???

the kids??? they are great….

Cooper is loving soccer, Kindergarten, and learning how to tie his shoes!!


Caroline is loving Irish Step class, soccer, and wiggling all her loose teeth!