Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: summer rain


IMG_6437   rainbwrain3rain2rainbrain1 rain4   IMG_6408 IMG_6402    rainbucket rainbuckets  raincaroline rainsplash

Monday, July 26, 2010

making our own piñatas


the kids were excited about this project!!!

we watched this video

and the kids got right to work cutting up strips of newspaper


over the next couple of days weeks we put on 3 layers of newspaper…….Caroline got right to work, where as Cooper had about 5 minutes in him and then wanted to go wash his hands.

i found a trail of dried paste everywhere…..doorknobs, sink, soap dispenser….it got everywhere!


one day to paint and the next to glue on the tissue paper


Ta-da!!!  and guess what?????

IMG_6421after putting the candy in……they told me they did NOT want to break them….they’ll just “take a piece out when its ok with you momma.”

IMG_6423  i thought this was a good lesson in “waiting”  putting a layer on and wait, put another layer on and wait, paint and wait.

and it was a great project  to work on when we had a  late afternoon thunderstorm.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Wear your Art!

little man has been going to art camp all week

a big deal for a little one who does not like being away from home for too long.

all week they played on the playground, sang songs, lots and lots of art work, snack and sprinkler play.

the camp was called “Wear your Art!” and today they put on an art show with a parade….Cooper was so excited!!!

artcamp      they made crowns, necklaces and wingsartcamp2

tie dye shirts with their hand print on the front


magic wands and a noise shaker

IMG_6382 IMG_6391   

we were so excited for him…this was his thing….for once, not his big sisters. I loved how excited big sis was for her little brother.



my heart is full.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

tennis anyone?

Caroline was determined to teach Cooper how to play tennis one afternoon.

cause now that she has lessons…she is an expert.

She even let him wear her sweat bands….and that is a BIG deal to a little brother.

IMG_6171 IMG_6165 IMG_6166  IMG_6164 IMG_6167

Monday, July 19, 2010

Day2 in the city

we headed out early to beat the heat……

the kids have so much fun exploring the city! I love that we don’t have to push a stroller around and carry all the stuff little ones require! 

the kids found the statue at the top of The Common and wanted to pose…..2 out of the million pictures they wanted me to take….i have created 2 little hams in front of the camera!!!

citycaroline    citygoofballs citymecitya 

we always have to take pictures at the duckling statues


and a ride on the swan boats


the subway is always smelly exciting!!!


and just as the temps hit 90 we found a calmer water park on the green way…..this one was more their speed….with fountains that stayed on and 3 inches of running water at their feet.



they spent the afternoon playing  in the water and giggling on the grass…..and the best Italian ices ever!!!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

back from the city….pictures of day1

On Friday we packed the kiddos up and headed to Boston.

Our first stop was the Children’s Museum.


the climbing structure is over 4 floors tall…..what a fun place to be a kid!!!


i love to watch as my two take care of each other as they climb…making sure they stick together, caroline always making sure cooper is ok…..this time there was a camp of large kids who took over so Caroline made sure they got out safely.


the ball room is always a favorite…


cooper was very focused at the sand table….love that tongue!


and the new air exhibit made caroline crack up!!

IMG_6257 bcmairbcmbubblesbcmbubble

after over 3 hours in the museum we were ready to explore the city….one very HOT 90 degree city!!!!


we headed straight to the water park on the new green way…..10 years ago when Rob and i lived in Boston the city was under construction…  “The Big Dig”  they took a highway that ran right through the city and put it underground…now leaving space for a beautiful park…what a great place to be on a beautiful day!!!


the water spraying up was a little intimidating for my 2 kiddos….so they stayed side by side and just stood there for awhile.


i can’t tell you how many times i told them “don’t put your face near a hole!!!”  and look what coop is doing……


lets just say a spray of water up your nose  is NOT fun.


next stop

a ride on the carousel while mommy gets a smoothie…..caroline is always waving and cooper is trying to figure out how it works!


2 tired kiddos falling fast asleep..mission accomplished!!!