Monday, July 19, 2010

Day2 in the city

we headed out early to beat the heat……

the kids have so much fun exploring the city! I love that we don’t have to push a stroller around and carry all the stuff little ones require! 

the kids found the statue at the top of The Common and wanted to pose…..2 out of the million pictures they wanted me to take….i have created 2 little hams in front of the camera!!!

citycaroline    citygoofballs citymecitya 

we always have to take pictures at the duckling statues


and a ride on the swan boats


the subway is always smelly exciting!!!


and just as the temps hit 90 we found a calmer water park on the green way…..this one was more their speed….with fountains that stayed on and 3 inches of running water at their feet.



they spent the afternoon playing  in the water and giggling on the grass…..and the best Italian ices ever!!!



sloan said...

Hi again, Jess - I love that this trip has a part 2! Great photos ... looks like SO much fun!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics! It looks like you had a wonderful time.

Kerri said...

Awesome pictures! The one of you and your daughter together is just gorgeous of you both!