Sunday, July 11, 2010

lulu turns 6 today!!



lets take a look back…shall we!!!


hi there! pretty in pink   

age 2

time for cake

age 3


age 4


age 5


5 has been great!!

Caroline you have learned so much!!!! Going to Kindergarten…you learned how to read and write!!! you took swim lessons and learned how to swim under water!!! you took ballet, Irish step and tap! this year while skiing you road the chair lift!! you played soccer, tennis and basketball!! You are a girly girly girl who loves everything pink, especially shoes and purses!!! You bravely want to try everything….from riding a mechanical bull to eating garlic hommus!!! I am amazed by you on a daily basis!!! You have grown into an amazing little girl who is compassionate, thoughtful and funny!!! Your smile lights up my day and your giggle is contagious!!! You work hard at being a big sis and your little brother adores you!!!

can’t wait to see what 6 brings!!!

Happy Birthday My Lulu!!!!

and lets not forget……who had this day first, and who now graciously shares his birthday….Happy Birthday Rob!!!!!!! Your smile also lights up my day…love you.


Cindy said...

What a sweet post!
And what a beautiful little girl!
Happy Birthday!

Allison Nicole said...

i agree! a wonderful post!

Steph said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little Lu Lu! She's adorable! I loved looking back at all of her birthday pictures! So cute! 6 years have gone so fast haven't they?

Happy Birthday to Rob too! :)

sloan said...

so cute that they share the same birthday!!