Monday, August 31, 2009

one happy girl

my Caroline was born for Kindergarten

she is loving EVERY thing

school clothes, backpack, new shoes

she cannot contain her excitement!

school shoesschool



waiting for the bus with her sweet friend




Thursday, August 27, 2009


goodbye summer

today is the day we check out Kindergarten

so, we say goodbye to all day waterpark in the yard days.


goodbye sprinklers, kiddy pool and slip-n-slides




goodbye parks


goodbye beach

summer6 goodbye lazy summer mornings, staying in jammies and enjoying the morning sun.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

chair love

this summer the house has been ignored

the sewing machine has collected dust

most days…I'm working on laundry and dishes

my neighbors did have a tag sale a couple weeks ago

looky looky what i found!

my only problem is that its too pretty for the porch…real wicker and non outdoor fabric plus the weather in the North is not a good combination.


i am in love with the fabric


my attempt at organizing all drawing supplies

inspired by a picture in a pottery barn book, i found this old coke bottle box….

it has perfect little compartments for all of their stuff.

even their crayon rolls have a place.

DSCN0824 DSCN0820 DSCN0821

on another note…….is anyone else freaking out about school starting.?! I have totally mixed feelings this year. Yes, its been a crazy summer…trying to entertain 2 little ones… day after day is exhausting…but, it has been a really fun summer!

yesterday we stopped by Cooper’s preschool..and they mentioned he is starting Monday…..what?  this coming Monday? I am not ready for my baby to start school…..even preschool. I secretly hope he flips out so i can take him back home.

I also spent yesterday on the phone with Caroline’s school trying to figure out this bus thing….but i have this knot in my stomach…i am not ready to put her on the bus and see her drive away from me.

I have spent the last 5 years taking care of these amazing children….5 years as a stay at home mom…which i have not always embraced as i should…..most days frustrated and stressed…..but every day reminding myself that i am blessed to be able to stay at home…and knowing that i would not have it any other way…..

so….this being our last day of summer…we will head to the lake. As i type, I hear my kids giggling as they watch cartoons, still in their pjs…one last lazy summer morning.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

sun and fun

on the agenda last weekend:



boogie board surfing


meeting of the cousins down on the beach


juice box break


Uncle David’s boat was named after Caroline…not really, but its a perfect match!


Cooper wishes he had one of these!


our new family toy! total impulse buy, but a great deal!!!



yes, they are both pulling….very funny to watch.


Monday, August 24, 2009

back from the beach

missing the beach already

we had 3 glorious days!

and bought ourselves a new toy.




school starts this week….very exciting!

signed Caroline up for soccer on Fridays and ballet/tap on Tuesdays.

Friday, August 21, 2009

morning sun

we have been enjoying our new space…the screened in room is where we enjoy the morning sun.


off to the Cape this weekend for one last beach getaway before school starts!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

4H fun

our kids are the perfect age for exploring the local 4H fair.

Caroline was green with envy when another little girl introduced us to her cow, Goldilocks.


where else can you play with a box filled with corn.


and a game of toss the rubber chicken… win a new toothbrush.




for some reason i have about 50 pictures of the chickens


this one cracks me up….


Even thought he weather is finally feeling like summer here in the NorthEast…we are getting ready for school to start next week.

on the agenda today…..haircuts.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Big Deal

swimming to the dock ladder at Nani and Grampa's house means you don't have to wear a life jacket every time you go on the dock....its a big deal. This summer Caroline not only learned how to swim but she is going underwater! For the longest time she couldn't deal with any kind of water in her face...she would get out of the water to dry her eyes with a and out of the water all day, cry if any one splashed she is swimming like a fish!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer is here at last!

here in the Northeast we have had lots of rain…..most mornings the temp is in the 50s.

until this weekend! we might hit 90 today!

we are loving this summer weather…..just in time for school to start next week!


i think your suppose to keep your eyes open when you have goggles on.



caroline has been working on her back float and swimming underwater.lake3

a few tears….about a lily pad i think.


a game of Caroline Toss….no fear.



Monday, August 17, 2009

Zucchini Festival


what is a summer without going to a Zucchini Festival!

its even crazier when the kids are chanting in the car….”zucchini! zucchini!”


decorate and race your zucchini.



zucchini toss


the only non-zucchini thing….duck races down the river.




can you guess what Caroline is sitting in?


some kind of crazy zucchini boat…I'm only guessing….Rob took the kids on this ride….while i headed over to the food tents for some fried zucchini sticks.




next month…garlic festival in Vermont!