Monday, August 3, 2009


our trip to Boston last weekend was a blast!

this year we went stroller free! this is big people!



a ride on the swan boats…so relaxing!  really, I'm not kidding! I’m not sure what Cooper is doing but he didn’t fall in….so all is well!


i love the Public Gardens……i always go home thinking i need to start my own rose garden after seeing them….so beautiful!

boston1 boston5

and the kids love finding the “Make Way for Ducklings”statues….quack!

boston6 boston7 boston10 bosotn8

lots of stops on the way….we took the subway…so cool for the kids, very overwhelming to me! lunch in The Common, a marching band at Government Center, a carousel ride on the Greenway……we took it all in!!!


and the fountain on The Greenway!!!!  I’m not sure the time frame but ten years ago there was a highway that went right through the city…it was ugly, monstrous and noisy…not a nice part of the city….when the city finally decided to take it down and put all the highways down below, the construction effort was called “the big dig”……living in the city at that time is was a major pain…and the construction went on forever and way over budget….now they have replaced it with a corridor of gardens, fountains, and walkways called The Greenway…absolutely beautiful!


the kids had a blast!

boston13 boston12

until Caroline got it right in her face! 



after the fountain we kept on exploring….off to the North End to find some cannoli!


but first another playground…with a sand box for Coop!

boston17 boston20

we finally make it to the North End, with 2 tired kids and 3 tired adults…where they have a festival almost every weekend for a different Saint…the streets are filled with vendors.


and games of course! in the mood we said yes….and $12 later we left with 2 small stuffed animal….yipppeeee…stuffed animals, cause we needed 2 more! but when someone asks them about the city…thats the first thing they talk about….playing a game and winning a prize!


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