Wednesday, March 25, 2009

while cooper was napping the other day.....the house was too quiet....i almost forgot that Caroline was home.....this is where i found her.....reading to her baby. She sat here for over an hour flipping through a stack of books. Did you see in the news there is lead in the print of old books?! Before we even had children i collected the little golden books....i have rule in our eating or licking books! Now I'm thinking there must be lead on these old school chairs (remember these Mary?) And this little picture has allowed us all to have wonderful sleep for the last 4 nights! Both of our kids have been wonderful sleepers.....thanks to crying it out when they were babies.....but Caroline got in the bad habit of getting out of bed once a night, she would come into our room and one of us would guide her back into bed....most nights, uneventful...but still our sleep would be interrupted. So for every night that she sleeps through she gets to color in one petal of this flower picture....when all the petals are colored in she gets a prize!

Monday, March 23, 2009

still here....still whining about the braces on my teeth. as a teenager i was able to sleep all day when my braces hurt...this time around that is a bit impossible with a 2 and 4 year old to entertain. This weekend we kept busy with a couple of parties, gymnastics (not me, caroline), visit from Gramma and the usual craziness. I have moved on to eating toast and lots of ice cream....still not comfortable with eating in public....i had to pass on some delicious looking wings at one party...not being able to eat what i want makes me very cranky....poor hubby has to put up with me. On Saturday we decided to try our first geocaching adventure but our hike turned into rock climbing...
Cooper and Gramma stayed on lower ground.
Caroline and I made another batch of lemon cookies to bring to a party....she could practically make these on her own we have made them so many times. she is wearing a summer dress NOT because it is warm here....we are in the middle of weeding out the closets, getting clothes ready for consignment sales and bagging up clothes for goodwill....AND packing for a trip down South!

Friday, March 20, 2009

signing off for a few days.....i just had braces put on my talking and yes, even typing hurts right now....i am a 33 year old wimp when it comes to my I'm off to have some soup....and some yogurt. And there won't be any pictures of me on this blog....for about a year and a half. Although come to think of it, other than my profile picture, I can't recall another....I'm the one always taking the pictures.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nana and Grampa's house

Last Sunday we spent the day at Nana and Grampa's house for their annual St. Patrick's day dinner.....and an amazing day outside in the sun!

Grampa kept the kids happy all day with rides in the wagon......

Cooper was in charge of keeping the 4 wheeler full of gas....he loved this job.

and when he wasn't pumping gas he was trying to ride his bike....still not getting the pedal thing.....but he looks cute!

sunshine and lemon is great!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We are enjoying a bit of spring here.....sunny days warming up to about 50 degrees.....but, we New Englanders are tentative....even though the snow has melted we are still keeping the shovels ready, snowsuits and snow boots ready...we don't dare put them away....because when we do we are sure to get a storm! A few of us have been raking the yards, but we know that it could snow any day now......March can be brutal.....and as a kid I remember looking for Easter eggs in the snow....

Monday, March 16, 2009

Field trip to the children's museum

Field Trip to the children's museum! So much to do....activity tables and painting!
The curvy climber was the favorite for the girls.

making bubbles!

the boys were really good listeners at story time!

the girls had way too much fun!

water table!!

and Cooper could have sat here all day...completely content.

Monday, March 9, 2009

It's snowing again! covering all the grass and mud that appeared after a couple days of rain....New England weather at its best! Winters are long reason why we plan a beach vacation for the end of March....this months "to do" list includes getting clothes ready for the consignment sales, packing for vacation....and trying to get a little sewing in. I made Caroline a little pillow she could take to school for rest time.....and she now takes it with her everywhere.... a great travel pillow for the car. I made the flowers out of her old baby clothes I couldn't part with. this idea was copied from meg, over at whatever, who makes amazing shirts with these cute! check out her etsy shop, all the proceeds go for a great cause.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


back on the hill!I don't know why Caroline prefers to chew on her helmet's strap....she is a bit wanting her poles when she rides up the magic carpet and handing them to me when she is ready to ski. I also tried to explain to her that there use to be a rope tow....instead of this magic carpet....and the yellow chair used to be yellow, hence the name "yellow" chair. I am aging myself.
I have skied all my life.....but watching Caroline get on the chair for the first time freaked me out! Being a mommy has turned me into a nervous wreck.

Monday, March 2, 2009

looks like snow today

march is coming in like a lion.....snowing like crazy today.....
I thought i would show you a picture of all the winter stuff.....looks like we have a half a dozen kids living with us...nope, just two....but the weather here has been a bit mixed up....on Friday it was on with the rain gear, rain coats, rain its a snow storm....hence, all the other stuff. This part of the new addition is where we all come in from the garage or the side yard, and all the stuff gets dumped. I am hoping to find an antique wardrobe to store everything. I finally designated two chairs for the kids to keep their stuff organized. And because of the radiant heat the floor is the best place to lay out all the wet clothes....this was after this mornings outing.....once Coop wakes up from his nap we'll go back out to shovel again.And this is what gets us through these cold wintry days....dreaming and planning our garden for the spring.....the kids helped pick out what they want to grow.....Rob needs to rebuild our raised gardens in a new spot....our whole yard is being reorganized this will be nice to have our yard back after giving it over to construction last summer....big plans.