Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Clark

The Clark Art Museum…..has the best family day!!!

this year the theme was artist Pissarro, last year it was Picasso.

first up…..horse rides!!

clarkcoopclarkhorse  clarkkids

stilt walking!!!


we all tried our hand at self portraits….the kids loved this mini art lesson, really listened to the teacher and put so much effort into it!! I loved seeing the focus…..


and how they gazed at their features in the mirror….


they designed clay pots…

clarkpotsand little acorn people…  






and little journal books….


there was a petting zoo

and these wonderful chickens!!


there was food,

a hay maze,

music and puppets,

and after 4 hours we ended the day in the hay pile


until Caroline found a bug crawling on her…


and we were out of there fast!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer living

one of my favorite spots for a picnic…our last visit was way back in 2009….i can’t believe its been so long since our last visit!

the summer cottage of the Choate family…Naumkeag

an amazing shingle style home…with 44 rooms!

now thats summer living!!


the moon gate leaving the Chinese garden


the rose garden


a special seat at the end of the walking garden path


and the kids’ favorite…the cascading water fountain

picnicwater picnic picnicboys

Friday, June 24, 2011

Caroline’s Dance Recital 2011

this year Caroline took ballet/jazz

smiles before the show!

dance dance2dance4  dance1recital5recital recital2  


a big sigh of relief…i get so nervous for her….she is Not nervous at all…just so excited..i love that!

and this is the first year she didn’t cry when i did her hair….i’m just glad we didn’t need to put it up in a bun…she has been growing her hair all year….just for recital.

check out her past recitals…it doesn’t seem possible that she has been dancing for 4 years!     2010, 2009, 2008

Thursday, June 23, 2011

the circus is in town!!!

Nani surprised the kiddos last Friday with tickets to the circus…they were so excited!!!


Cooper really loved it…but he sat like this the whole time because he is not good with loud places….i think we’ll need to invest in some ear protectors  for when we take him to the Monster Trucks!

circuscoopthe clowns were great!!

the trapeze artists were awesome!!!

but i have such mixed feelings about the whole circus animals….i am in awe of elephants and  deep down i believe they need to be out in the wild where they belong.


but then i see how much fun the kids have getting to ride one!!!


Cooper’s favorite…the guy getting shot out of the cannon…..crazy!!


the kids’ favorite…the supergirl, pink poodle!!!!


Monday, June 20, 2011

First Day….Last Day!

oh my goodness……

here is a picture from the First Day of school back in August!!!

1st day friends

and today….the last!!!


lastdaycarolinelast day last day lulu 

i can’t put into words how amazing it is to see your little one growing up…how fast a year goes by…in a blink.

first grade done.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

what’s new??

i thought i would share a few new things around the house!!

a few new ideas for our chalkboard door that i copied from a creative blogger….i would love to give credit where credit is due…but i can’t seem to track down the post i stole this from!!

On a daily basis we use this door to write down our favorite sayings and our weekly menu….

Now i have added little notes to the kiddos, counting down the days till school ends, and my favorite….I start a story and they finish it!!! i dictate for Cooper…who could write a novel with all of his wonderful ideas!!!


new lanterns for the screened in porch.


trying to get his knee back in shape after surgery….hubby and cooper are enjoying their new favorite activity together!!newfun

new shoes for momma….i think i had a pair of these in the 80s!


we just started our new summer list!!! more is getting added to it every day…bring on the fun!!!


new toy for hubby….he just couldn’t wait till Father’s Day! In our house i am in charge of the pictures and he is in charge of videoing the family, but our old video camera was so ancient and it was such a pain to carry it around….this one is not only small but its waterproof…very cool.


our new favorite treats…oh yummmm!!! quick and easy blondies found here and the badest (apparently not a real word)  brownies in the world found here….you have been warned.


what’s new around your house???

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

just a peek


just a peek at Caroline’s recital costume…..pretty jazzy!!!


Monday, June 13, 2011


Monday, Monday

the last full week of school

a gazillion things to do

and here i sit procrastinating.


there are teachers’ gifts to get,

school party treats to make,


birthday parties to plan,

Father’s day goodies to organize,


and then there is always the laundry, meal planning, grocery shopping, and cleaning….


time to make a list!

and tackle it!!

but first I’m going for my walk!

after i read a few blogs,

and have another cup of coffee,

and read the newspaper out on the porch.


and maybe watch a little Curious George with my little man Coop.


so i’m keeping my fingers crossed this post goes through…or my procrastination will be a total failure…..Blogger has been completely frustrating….