Thursday, June 16, 2011

what’s new??

i thought i would share a few new things around the house!!

a few new ideas for our chalkboard door that i copied from a creative blogger….i would love to give credit where credit is due…but i can’t seem to track down the post i stole this from!!

On a daily basis we use this door to write down our favorite sayings and our weekly menu….

Now i have added little notes to the kiddos, counting down the days till school ends, and my favorite….I start a story and they finish it!!! i dictate for Cooper…who could write a novel with all of his wonderful ideas!!!


new lanterns for the screened in porch.


trying to get his knee back in shape after surgery….hubby and cooper are enjoying their new favorite activity together!!newfun

new shoes for momma….i think i had a pair of these in the 80s!


we just started our new summer list!!! more is getting added to it every day…bring on the fun!!!


new toy for hubby….he just couldn’t wait till Father’s Day! In our house i am in charge of the pictures and he is in charge of videoing the family, but our old video camera was so ancient and it was such a pain to carry it around….this one is not only small but its waterproof…very cool.


our new favorite treats…oh yummmm!!! quick and easy blondies found here and the badest (apparently not a real word)  brownies in the world found here….you have been warned.


what’s new around your house???


sloan said...

love love love everything you posted - the pretty paper lights, the shoes, the chalkboard door, the summer list, but my favorite has to be the 2 recipes at the end - I've been dying to try out those symphony brownies - YUM!

Kati Duncan said...

I love it all too!! so cute! I love it when I check your blog and its been updated and I have more of Jess and the fam to read!!! xoxo

Kerry said...

New things around our house: baby boy tried solids this week, not too sure he likes it yet. Heater broken just as winter kicks in and I've realised I like scones with jam & cream a little too much :) Luving the chalkboard and the summer to do list!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Lots of fun stuff going on around your house! The door and lanterns are too cute :D Not much is going on around here. We just finished distributing my oldest daughter's sorority rush packets for recommendations for August. It was quite the chore! Youngest daughter worked at a horse camp for younger kids this week for the first time. She thinks she is so big!