Thursday, June 23, 2011

the circus is in town!!!

Nani surprised the kiddos last Friday with tickets to the circus…they were so excited!!!


Cooper really loved it…but he sat like this the whole time because he is not good with loud places….i think we’ll need to invest in some ear protectors  for when we take him to the Monster Trucks!

circuscoopthe clowns were great!!

the trapeze artists were awesome!!!

but i have such mixed feelings about the whole circus animals….i am in awe of elephants and  deep down i believe they need to be out in the wild where they belong.


but then i see how much fun the kids have getting to ride one!!!


Cooper’s favorite…the guy getting shot out of the cannon…..crazy!!


the kids’ favorite…the supergirl, pink poodle!!!!



Jen said...

The cannon shooting is always a favorite! I love that the circus was under a tent!

Lorri said...

The circus was in town for us not too long ago. I wanted to take my three, but I just couldn't do it! The clowns REALLY freak me out! Maybe next year! :)