Wednesday, September 22, 2010

link love

sorry about that!

i had planned on posting some links yesterday…..the pumpkin whoopie pie recipe is from Martha…of course hers look so much better then mine…….one change to her recipe….i make mine with a buttercream frosting…yum!  A chocolate version can be found over at Fly Through Our Window….I've made these a bunch of times….so delicious!

Kim, no need for any kind of special tin…the batter for the cake is so thick that i just spoon it right on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet….they are definitely not perfectly round. I have heard of some people using an ice cream scooper but i just use 2 spoons.

In all the craziness of packing this week for our upcoming vacation I of course had to add another thing to my “to do” list……i have been seeing these great camera strap covers…and had to give it a try! This one even has a pocket for the lens cap. Super easy tutorial here.


I'll try to post some of the apple recipes when we get back….that is IF we come back :)

If you are not already familiar with Pioneer Woman’s recipes….her blog  and cookbook are a must to check out!  2 more favorites….apple dumplings (it has Mt. Dew….so weird!) and her cinnamon buns……you will not be disappointed!!!

Happy Fall everyone!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall part3 in the kitchen

as the colder weather hits…..i tend to bake more.

ideally i would like to try one new recipe a week….but that usually doesn’t happen! we did try a new restaurant in town…does that count?!

i did try Pioneer Woman’s Marlboro Man’s sandwich…so good! you must try it…hubby gave it 2 thumbs up…so that means we’ll have it again! made her pizza dough for tonight’s dinner and hoping to make her meatloaf.

after apple picking….we have been snacking on apples every day…Caroline loves hers with caramel and Cooper loves his with peanut butter.

recipes i save for the fall include apple crisp, German apple cake, pumpkin-apple streusel muffins, praline apple pie and pumpkin whoopie pies.

all set for the kiddos’ afterschool snack! only a few left over from Sunday dinner…i had mine for breakfast.

whoopiepies whoopie

do you have a favorite fall recipe? do share!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall part2

after a bike ride (or walk in cooper’s case) on the trail….a visit to Whitney’s farm to pick out pumpkins!

what shall we do first…..hayride, maze, pony ride, petting zoo, pumpkin patch, lunch, playground?!

did we remember everything….money? check. sanitizer? check.


told to pick one special thing they want to do (because if we let them do everything we would be broke!)….it’s always the pony rides!!!


should i tell the girl that he doesn’t like helmets….at least he has out grown his biting stage.


a couple pictures of Caroline because she is the only one that has patience for her momma who is starting to try all the different settings on the camera!


lets go find the perfect pumpkin!!!

pumpkinpatchso…our rule on pumpkin picking is….if you can carry it you can have it…..Caroline is one strong little girl…..hubby looked at me and said, “i think we may have to rethink our rule for next year.”


cooper on the other hand could not make up his freakin mind…driving us all crazy!

how about this one?


that one looks great coop!


ya sure?!?….cause your horns are starting to show….


Caroline was smart and found a seat while coop looked at EVERY pumpkin!


another gorgeous day in New England!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall part1

last weekend we hit the apple orchard (also winery…bonus)

we went early this year because last year we waited too long and we had on winter coats and mittens….very difficult to apple pick in mittens….live and learn.

we packed a picnic (stopped at Subway)

aaplepicnicaaple  apple  applesunapplecaroline

applecoop  applesmile   appletracktor

waiting for the hayride back…i found these two eating another apple…coop couldn’t get his chair any closer to lulu.


caught the farmer texting his buddies


i have 30 shots of the kids making weird faces in the apple box


and 1 shot that shows that they actually like each other.

i did not pose them for once….she was actually holding on to him so he wouldn’t fall off the hayride!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

smiles and flowers

the kiddos are still smiling

still loving school, teachers, friends and even homework!


the weather is fall like… mornings, zero humidity

leaves are even starting to change

IMG_7374  IMG_7359IMG_7379IMG_7357

IMG_7378  IMG_7370 

I am in the middle of buying  jackets, mittens and boots for the upcoming winter and packing our beach gear for vacation!!!

We are headed to the Outer Banks for a friend’s wedding….taking the kiddos out of school for the whole week….renting a house on the beach with my college girlfriends….can’t wait!!!

has anyone been to the Outer Banks…suggestions? must see places? fun things to do with the kiddos?

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Josh Race

the motto of this race is….to finish is to win.

it is the 2nd oldest race of this kind.

the day starts out with us cheering on the bikers!!


family friend Laurie biked 27 miles!!!! she’ll pace the chip onto the kayakers.


then we hike it down to the waters edge to catch a glimpse of hubby and Aunt Jen in the kayak…2 laps around the lake, 5 miles.

still smiling…1 more lap to go!!!


race kiddos…waiting…waiting


strong finish!!! they pass the chip onto the runner. Aunt Jen was not going to let that blue canoe pass them!!!


the kids have waited all morning for this….a wave from their daddy!!!


after the race….we wait for the runners to come in.    


after the race…team smiles!  Great Job!!!


what Caroline was waiting for all day….the kids race!


after she crossed the finish line she was not only winded but apparently she fell on the course….and banged up both her knees.

not a good thing when auditions for the Nutcracker were in one hour!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

out of it


last week..threw me for a loop!

I thought i was totally prepared….got everything ready for the first week of school.

backpacks, supplies, snacks, lunch, clothes, shoes, haircuts…all set!

Caroline’s first day was great…she got on the bus with a smile and got off the bus with a smile


and then we brought this little guy for his first day of PreK

at the big school….


and we had to walk him down the big hallway.

I thought I might shed a tear or two….but i didn’t.


I just walked out in a daze…..feeling so out of it.

I had just transitioned my baby to the big school.

sorry for my lack of blog visits, comments and posts…..I’m still here…apparently my kiddos are a whole lot better at this transition then I am.

Friday, September 3, 2010



our last day at the beach….we planned the whole day at the “Secret Spot” only accessible by boat……when we got there it was high tide….about 4 feet wide….and the water was deep…great for swimming and jet skiing…the kiddos loved the waves!!!


but as the tide goes out…..we were left with a great beach.


even Zoe made it out to the beach!!!

bzoe badam   bwavesb2 b4 b7


the day was great…….surrounded by family….sunny, hot weather…..amazing memories!!!

now I'm off to tackle Caroline’s room…..major cleaning going on here while the kiddos are at school….feels so great to be productive!!!