Wednesday, September 22, 2010

link love

sorry about that!

i had planned on posting some links yesterday…..the pumpkin whoopie pie recipe is from Martha…of course hers look so much better then mine…….one change to her recipe….i make mine with a buttercream frosting…yum!  A chocolate version can be found over at Fly Through Our Window….I've made these a bunch of times….so delicious!

Kim, no need for any kind of special tin…the batter for the cake is so thick that i just spoon it right on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet….they are definitely not perfectly round. I have heard of some people using an ice cream scooper but i just use 2 spoons.

In all the craziness of packing this week for our upcoming vacation I of course had to add another thing to my “to do” list……i have been seeing these great camera strap covers…and had to give it a try! This one even has a pocket for the lens cap. Super easy tutorial here.


I'll try to post some of the apple recipes when we get back….that is IF we come back :)

If you are not already familiar with Pioneer Woman’s recipes….her blog  and cookbook are a must to check out!  2 more favorites….apple dumplings (it has Mt. Dew….so weird!) and her cinnamon buns……you will not be disappointed!!!

Happy Fall everyone!!!!


Kerri said...

Apple dumplings with Mt. Dew in them....would that have to count towards my two dew a day limit?! :)

I like your new fall header...especially the middle picture!

sloan said...

Love the new Header at the top with the Fall photos - I need a tutorial on how to DO that kind of stuff, I'm feeling pretty boring ;-)

I have also done Darby's wp recipe at FTOW, she's got some yummy stuff over there ... but the pumpkin ones are mighty tempting - thanks for sharing!!

gabe said...

Thanks for the link for the whoopie pies. . .maybe tomorrow!

Have a great trip and enjoy the warmer weather.

Jenny said...

I want one of those straps too for my cameras, it's been on my "to do" list for a while.

Susan said...

Hey Jess
I wish I had some way of being notified when comments are left on my blog. I didn't mean to ignore you. Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment.
Love your blog as well. What a beautiful family you have. That pumpkin patch is just perfect, can't beat that.