Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall part3 in the kitchen

as the colder weather hits…..i tend to bake more.

ideally i would like to try one new recipe a week….but that usually doesn’t happen! we did try a new restaurant in town…does that count?!

i did try Pioneer Woman’s Marlboro Man’s sandwich…so good! you must try it…hubby gave it 2 thumbs up…so that means we’ll have it again! made her pizza dough for tonight’s dinner and hoping to make her meatloaf.

after apple picking….we have been snacking on apples every day…Caroline loves hers with caramel and Cooper loves his with peanut butter.

recipes i save for the fall include apple crisp, German apple cake, pumpkin-apple streusel muffins, praline apple pie and pumpkin whoopie pies.

all set for the kiddos’ afterschool snack! only a few left over from Sunday dinner…i had mine for breakfast.

whoopiepies whoopie

do you have a favorite fall recipe? do share!


gabe said...

those look so yummy!! Can you share the recipe?

Kerri said...

Your whoopie pies look sooooo much better than the ones the Amish ladies make around here! Love your little pumpkins w/ the bows!
Trying a new recipe even a super easy one once a week isn't as hard as it seems. I've done this almost every week for the last 10 yrs. My mom always made the SAME things every week...and I vowed I would NOT be that way....plus I like trying new things! I need to go check out that man's recipe...my hubby is a big sandwich guy!

sloan said...

ooooh, I hope you'll share those recipes when you make all those yummy apple dishes - those sound delicious!! the whoopie pie picture has made me hungry for something sweet ... yum!

Kim said...

YUM! We love whoopie pies. How do you make your cake part? I've always had a hard time figuring out how to get them shaped right. Finally got desperate and bought a muffin top pan. Now I can't remember if I used it or not.

Lynn said...

Jess I would love that recipe for the whoopie pies. I will check you blog again for it. The book you sent was so amazing. Ryan loved the picture. Could you send it to his email Rsteek@comcast.net he wants to put it on facebook. Of course with his abs showing lol! It just topped off a wonderful weekend. Thanks again.
PS the skirt is great too!