Monday, September 6, 2010

out of it


last week..threw me for a loop!

I thought i was totally prepared….got everything ready for the first week of school.

backpacks, supplies, snacks, lunch, clothes, shoes, haircuts…all set!

Caroline’s first day was great…she got on the bus with a smile and got off the bus with a smile


and then we brought this little guy for his first day of PreK

at the big school….


and we had to walk him down the big hallway.

I thought I might shed a tear or two….but i didn’t.


I just walked out in a daze…..feeling so out of it.

I had just transitioned my baby to the big school.

sorry for my lack of blog visits, comments and posts…..I’m still here…apparently my kiddos are a whole lot better at this transition then I am.


gabe said...

I'm soooo there with you!

Maybe this week will be better!

Steph said...

Look at your big boy! :) It's so hard to let them go. I know what you are feeling. He's so adorable and I'm sure he's loving it! ((HUGS)) to you as you get used to this new chapter of your life.

Jen said...

Oh...tough day! You'll be okay and he will have so much fun!

Kerri said...

I hope each day gets a little easier for you....I know it will! I think Cooper and Brady have the same color eyes!

Kim said...

awww! I bet he's doing great! Let's go have coffee to cheer you up. It gets easier. I promise.

Cindy said...

Believe me I know your pain!! Dropping my baby off at preschool made me really want I have Aubrey!!:)
Enjoy the day

Jenny said...

I hear you, so there too! Breathe, take it easy, it will all feel "normal" soon. He looks adorable going in with daddy, so cute.

sloan said...

Isn't that the WORST?!?! The day my youngest went to KG was horrible, it took me a while to recover from that ... and tomorrow it'll be my oldest off to Middle School - I'm anticipating a breakdown for sure ... *sniff sniff*