Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bunny Day on the hill

our ski hill celebrated the opening of their Bunny Lift…..they had bunny events all day….the kids were super excited!!

skiing bunnies, bunny hunt, bunny parades, bunny egg hunt, bring your favorite bunny, bunny crafts….and lots of prizes.


on the “letting go” front….yup, the kids are now riding the lift without us!!  bunnylift

the kids were so cute with their bunny ears!!


on a scary note….we watched Cooper can thrown off of his skis after getting hit by another skier….he got hit so hard he flew into the air, feet over his head down the hill. I have never seen anyone get hit so hard….he was in complete shock when we picked him up…and hubby and I had knots in our stomachs for the rest of the day.

good news…after getting checked out by the ski patrol, an ice pack, and lots of hugs and kisses….he got back on the hill!!!


bunny obstacle course, bunny races….


the conditions were perfect!!!


another beautiful day!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Father-Daughter Dance


curled hair…check!

lip gloss…check!


glitter for hair…check!

nails painted pink with glitter…check!

a little brother excited for his big sis…check!!

little brother getting special ice cream with mommy after feeling left out….check!


black high heel dress shoes….check!

freaking daddy out being so grown up with heels…..check!!


inviting a few friends over for pizza and pictures…check!!

dacneashley  dance1

beautiful girls inside and out! love these girls!!!

dance2  dancecarly  dancegirls

this was 5 years ago! Caroline was 2!!

daddies and daughters

now…all grown up!!!



I loved watching how excited the 2 of them got getting ready for the dance….they truly cherished this special night…danced the night away….and made some very happy memories!!!