Sunday, July 11, 2010

a party and an uninvited guest

Caroline’s party this year was a mix of hula, princess, flip flops and rainbow… for a 6 year old girly girl!!!

thank goodness the sun decided to stay out  for us!!! a chance of afternoon thunderstorms we weren’t taking any chances and set up in the garage….

the kids got right to work decorating their goody bags.


the birthday pair!!!! yes, Caroline was 5 days late….born on Rob’s Birthday 6 years ago.


sack races!!!!

party2 party3

flip flop making!!!

party4 party5

inspired by Meg over at Whatever….i had to give her rainbow cake a try…..with a gazillion kiddos, family and friends coming over I decided to go big!!!! partycake

3 cake mixes, 6 layers, 4 cans of frosting and a huge bag of skittles….3 hours later…a cake that was devoured in minutes!!!

partycake2 partysmile

i can’t get enough of the pure happiness i see in her face while everyone sings to her…..i want to save it forever!!!


and this little boy is just plain goofy!!!


at the end of the day….dinner with family…and Rob’s whooper pie!

partyrob   partywhopperpie

funny scary story: an hour before the party i was out in the yard watering the plants, rob was at the store (getting the 4th can of frosting!) and the kiddos were at the store picking out the balloons…..when along comes a bear!!! and our little dog Bella….who is all of 15 pounds decided to chase the bear!!! oh my word!!!! I have never screamed so loud in my life!!! and because Bella is 13 years old and can’t hear a darn thing I had to chase her!!! I was shaking like a leaf and the bear ran off through the neighborhood and now i can NEVER let my kids play in the yard alone.

kiddos fell fast asleep tonight and i am right behind them!!!


Cindy said...

A real live bear!!! YIKES!!

The party looked like so much fun. Your daughter's smile is priceless!
The cake looked delish (I have got to try that...maybe a farewell to summer???) And the Whopper pie not too bad either!!
Looks like a wonderfully special event!:)
Enjoy the day

Jen said...

Amazing cake! Cute birthday idea! Looks like a sweet time!

Steph said...

First of all, the party looks like so much fun! I love it! She is so cute! <3 The cake is awesome and I too have been wanting to make it, especially after always seeing it on Meg's blog. lol I'll have to try soon. You did a great job!

Secondly...a bear!!! OMG, I would have died! I can't even imagine seeing a bear in my yard. You had to have freaked out when she chased it!! Whew, I'm so glad that you both are okay and yeah, I'd be afraid to let them play alone too. Scary!

sloan said...

This party looks like SOOOO much fun and that cake?!?! Please, that thing is incredible!! Gonna have to check that recipe for my own upcoming b'day girl ;-)