Friday, July 23, 2010

Wear your Art!

little man has been going to art camp all week

a big deal for a little one who does not like being away from home for too long.

all week they played on the playground, sang songs, lots and lots of art work, snack and sprinkler play.

the camp was called “Wear your Art!” and today they put on an art show with a parade….Cooper was so excited!!!

artcamp      they made crowns, necklaces and wingsartcamp2

tie dye shirts with their hand print on the front


magic wands and a noise shaker

IMG_6382 IMG_6391   

we were so excited for him…this was his thing….for once, not his big sisters. I loved how excited big sis was for her little brother.



my heart is full.


Cindy said...

He looks so proud!
And so does big sis
I love when they are truly supportive of their siblings
Enjoy the day

Allison Nicole said...

Where is this art camp jess? braedon would love that!

sloan said...

great photos, sooooo cute!! hope you're having a great weekend ;-)

Kerri said...

How cute that the kids had a parade wearing all their artwork! I love his sisters face in that first picture....she is so excited for him!