Monday, July 26, 2010

making our own piñatas


the kids were excited about this project!!!

we watched this video

and the kids got right to work cutting up strips of newspaper


over the next couple of days weeks we put on 3 layers of newspaper…….Caroline got right to work, where as Cooper had about 5 minutes in him and then wanted to go wash his hands.

i found a trail of dried paste everywhere…..doorknobs, sink, soap dispenser….it got everywhere!


one day to paint and the next to glue on the tissue paper


Ta-da!!!  and guess what?????

IMG_6421after putting the candy in……they told me they did NOT want to break them….they’ll just “take a piece out when its ok with you momma.”

IMG_6423  i thought this was a good lesson in “waiting”  putting a layer on and wait, put another layer on and wait, paint and wait.

and it was a great project  to work on when we had a  late afternoon thunderstorm.


sloan said...

they're gorgeous, I can see why they don't want to break them!! Great project, thanks for sharing!

Steph said...

I bet they loved it! In 4th grade at our elementary school, they had a big Fiesta and they make pinatas. It was so neat to watch the process, but sad when they broke them. I can understand why Caroline and Cooper wanted to keep them. They turned out so pretty!