Monday, March 1, 2010

pillowcase dress and morning smiles

i love this dress….i used this pattern and this pattern.

i found this great fabric, a soft flannel

and made this dress for Caroline for Easter when she was 3!

it was a long dress on her …below her knees

 caroline easter 2008

guess what… she is 5…and it still fits…AND she loves it! it looks longer then it really is in this picture  so she wore jeans under it….she said it was warm and cozy all day!


of course cooper had to get in on the early morning photo shoot….and all i kept thinking was….these kids are “morning people” and i am not….now, where did my coffee go!


and if your wondering why the kids are cracking up…….


   coop kept putting his foot in front of the camera and i kept saying “stinky feet!”   boys are weird.


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Steph said...

It's beautiful! You did an amazing job! I love it! They are so cute! Yes, boys are silly!