Monday, March 29, 2010

getting ready


           i heart Easter…i love it all!

pastel colors, Easter dresses, bunnies, eggs

our church has a tradition of making Easter Eggs on palm Sunday

Rob got to work finishing them up….



after the eggs are colored and waxed in layers… melt off the the wax to reveal the beautiful design and colors!


we received this book from our neighbors…a wonderful story about an old woman named Babushka who decorates beautiful eggs.


the egg insides are then blown out and a ribbon through the holes…we hang them from the chandelier!


this weeks agenda:  get the house ready for Easter dinner and Spring cleaning……they are forecasting 70 degrees for Easter weekend! that is unheard of…..we are usually hunting for eggs in coats, hats and mittens!


Steph said...

Wow, those eggs are gorgeous! What a great job! It's supposed to be 70s here too! I'm so excited! :)

Kim said...

Those eggs are AMAZING! What a fantastic job! It looks like it took forever to make them. I'm very impressed.