Tuesday, September 29, 2009


fall is here…and its glorious!

so, just saying a quick hello!

no time to chat….we here in the NorthEast know that it could snow any day…..

fall3 fall2

we are enjoying EVERY minute of our cool mornings, blue sky days….and family time.


putting away the flip flops (boo) and getting out the sweaters and coats….fall has arrived.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

still here

i thought i would have more time to blog….when the kids went back to school….not the case most days.

but fall is in full swing here in the NorthEast and our days have been busy!


i have been trying to harvest the basil as much as i can from our little garden…..we already had a frost warning! yikes! the nights are cool but our days have been warm and sunny.


batches of pesto in the freezer…..Rob thinks this might last through the winter….if i don’t give any away.


our lazy summer days have turned into a flurry of activities and lots of details to organize….lunch boxes, milk money, library day, show and tell, pajama day, open house….


tap and ballet and soccer

DSCN1246 DSCN1242 DSCN1241 

trying to enjoy the little time that we have when we are all together….with Caroline is school full time, cooper in preschool and Rob teaching at the college this fall…our days are full.

me…I'm trying to get use to the quiet…..and finding that my days are very productive! 

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

race day

Sunday….the Josh Billings Runaground

Rob competes in the triathlon with his family

our brother-in-law bikes

rob and his brother canoe

and his sister runs

I, have the kids all day


after we watch the bikes go by we head down to the water to get a glimpse of the paddlers.

our friends have a team called Just Beat Jeff  (jeff, being our brother-in-law)

so our team is called..WWJ  We’re With JeffDSCN1176 

the kids scream like crazy when they see Rob go by…”I love you daddy!”  and he waves and smiles….and my heart melts.

after the race we head to the “after party”

we set up a picnic and enjoy the music

this year we tried the rock wall


 racerob raceclimb 

Caroline participated in the kid run, a half mile course.

i love this picture of her at the end..with her 2 running coaches

as she ran by me her face lit up with the biggest smile…and again….my heart melted.


they gave each participant a ribbon for competing and she was so proud of it….and then they gave her a medal with a rainbow ribbon for placing 2nd place…of course Cooper was sad because he was to young to run AND he didn’t win a medal….but Caroline didn’t mind sharing..just for a quick minute any way.

racec racecooper

Thursday, September 10, 2009

the fair


gotta love the fair!


funnel cakes and free fish

fairc faird

we bought the hand stamp which allowed the kids all access to the rides! rob and i were patting ourselves on the back for that decision. over 3 hours of rides!!! at one point they got on and off a ride 10 times to ride every different car!

fair (2)

the crowns came from a booth selling water filters…Caroline the queen, if the hat fits…wear it!

fair2 fair5 fair7 fairb fair3

it was not a day without tears…..coop was too small for some rides……and Caroline was actually too TALL for one ride!

any advice on how to keep these goldfish alive? there are not looking so hot!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

one project done….and a few more to go

a sneak peak at what i have been up to….all summer i have put away project ideas…..last week i finally dusted off the sewing machine and made a new bag, a reversible tote with bamboo handles….this one is going to Cooper’s preschool teacher who will be leaving for a new job…..she was Caroline’s teacher for 2 years…..now I'm off to make myself one. tutorial here
i attached a heart pin on the brown side.
more projects i can’t wait to try….
a ruffled pillow
a new market skirt for Caroline
a few bracelets for me.
a onesie dress for a gift

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

garlic festival

i had my doubts…really a whole festival for garlic?

i don’t even like garlic that much

but we look forward to this every year!

the weather is always amazing, and there is something for everyone! shopping for me and lots of yummy food!


garlic fudge anyone? people were lined up for this stuff!


we love the garlic dill pickles

garlic2 garlic3

rides, bouncy houses, and a hay play area for the kids.


garlic5 garlic6

garlic ice cream, too.  not for me.

Monday, September 7, 2009

game day

Castleton College vs. Anna Maria

we travelled up to my mom’s to watch Castleton College play their first game! in the new stadium.

this was also my first college football game as a spectator!

and a first for the kids too!!



a 5 minute walk from my mom’s house!


i thought the kids wouldn’t last…..it was hot!!!


but with all the cheering, band playing, 2 Italian ices…and lots of water we enjoyed every minute of all the action!!!

game3 game4


last year, the mascot Spartan made Cooper cry and scream he was so scared…..but this year Cooper thought he would be braver…being 3……so this is a picture as the Spartan man was approaching…so far so good.


but then he became a little too friendly…..


and Cooper wasn’t having it…..not as brave as he would of liked to be.


after the game we tagged along with my  mom and her husband to the college president’s house for a little party….over 1000 people….dinner, dancing, and fireworks! 

Go Spartans!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

one happy boy

Cooper’s 1st day of preschool!



and Caroline’s 1st full day of school.


waiting for the bus is so much fun!schhol8school7

after the bus drove away Cooper looked up at me and said, “my turn for school mommy!”

we picked some flowers for his teacher


and he walked right in, put his lunch away, gave me a hug…and that was it.  My heart wanted me to stay and sit and play….but my head was telling me to grab a tissue on the way out….


it was a quiet day for me…i got sooooo much done! and everything that i got done…didn’t get undone in a matter of minutes…laundry was done and put away! dishes were cleaned and the sink stayed empty! beds made, toys away!

but it was quiet…too quiet.