Monday, September 7, 2009

game day

Castleton College vs. Anna Maria

we travelled up to my mom’s to watch Castleton College play their first game! in the new stadium.

this was also my first college football game as a spectator!

and a first for the kids too!!



a 5 minute walk from my mom’s house!


i thought the kids wouldn’t last… was hot!!!


but with all the cheering, band playing, 2 Italian ices…and lots of water we enjoyed every minute of all the action!!!

game3 game4


last year, the mascot Spartan made Cooper cry and scream he was so scared…..but this year Cooper thought he would be braver…being 3……so this is a picture as the Spartan man was approaching…so far so good.


but then he became a little too friendly…..


and Cooper wasn’t having it…..not as brave as he would of liked to be.


after the game we tagged along with my  mom and her husband to the college president’s house for a little party….over 1000 people….dinner, dancing, and fireworks! 

Go Spartans!

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Steph said...

That looks like it was such a fun day for you guys! How neat! I had to laugh at the Spartan. Cooper was really trying to be brave, you can tell in that photo. :) What fun memories you guys made that day.