Tuesday, September 15, 2009

race day

Sunday….the Josh Billings Runaground

Rob competes in the triathlon with his family

our brother-in-law bikes

rob and his brother canoe

and his sister runs

I, have the kids all day


after we watch the bikes go by we head down to the water to get a glimpse of the paddlers.

our friends have a team called Just Beat Jeff  (jeff, being our brother-in-law)

so our team is called..WWJ  We’re With JeffDSCN1176 

the kids scream like crazy when they see Rob go by…”I love you daddy!”  and he waves and smiles….and my heart melts.

after the race we head to the “after party”

we set up a picnic and enjoy the music

this year we tried the rock wall


 racerob raceclimb 

Caroline participated in the kid run, a half mile course.

i love this picture of her at the end..with her 2 running coaches

as she ran by me her face lit up with the biggest smile…and again….my heart melted.


they gave each participant a ribbon for competing and she was so proud of it….and then they gave her a medal with a rainbow ribbon for placing 2nd place…of course Cooper was sad because he was to young to run AND he didn’t win a medal….but Caroline didn’t mind sharing..just for a quick minute any way.

racec racecooper

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Steph said...

How fun! What a neat event! That's so cute that they cheered for their Daddy. :)

Way to go Caroline! How exciting for her! That's so sweet that she shared her ribbon with Cooper.