Friday, April 30, 2010

the last of the vacation pictures….i promise.

we returned home to a week of rain and even snow….tough getting back to our normal schedules after such an amazing vacation.

our tans have faded but feeling so blessed to have such a wonderful week together.

our bathing beauty


ice cream on the pier….a must in the hot afternoon.

IMG_4982   IMG_4540   

cooper and his new boardIMG_4774IMG_4780   

didn’t someone give this kid the “no attitude on the beach” memo

does anyone else see the horns?

i think this was after i said, “we have to go home tomorrow coop.”


good thing the attitude didn’t last too long…back on his board!


and when Caroline wasn’t jumping waves she was catching her own waves!




Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lets Eat!!


every year we make a point to go to Garibaldi’s to order the crispy flounder….the first year, when Caroline was 3 she tried mine and continued to eat about half of it….the next year we got her her own….now she looks forward to it as much as i do!


cooper was impressed with the 2 forks…lets just say this is one of the fancier restaurants that we take the kids to….and we always make sure to go right at opening and get the table by the window….less people to bother and tucked away in the corner….we are creatures of habit and we are sticking to it!


she is growing up right in front of my eyes…my beautiful Caroline.


she is going to hate me for taking pictures like this…..


a trip to the candy shop is a must….


i had to pass on these for fear they would do damage to my braces….there is always next year! I did enjoy a praline….yum!


the next night we promised to take the kiddos to Chuck-e-Cheese

cooper gives me this look all the time…and i finally captured it….i always give in when he gives me this look!

cc cc1

of course the rides and games were a hit…what could be more fun at age 3 and 5!

cc2 cc3

skee ball…one of my favorites! of course i had to demonstrate this one for Caroline…..


some of the machines gave you pictures…so cute!

cc6 cc7 (2) cc7

$50 and 2 hours later…..a couple prizes


and of course a visit to the Crab Shack on Folly beach for dinner with my college friend and her kiddos….we love to be able to eat outside.  Cooper perfected his nut cracking skills from his buddy Sully.


and Caroline got a few kisses out of Campbell.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

windy day

the 2nd day of vacation the temp. dropped about 10 degrees…but that didn’t stop us!

we decided it was a great day for the kites……after a quick snuggle of course!

kite kite1 kite5 kitw2

in the afternoon we headed into Charleston to catch the Blue Angels Air Show…..the kids couldn’t resist the invitation to sit in the fire truck first… cool!

aie air1

what a view!!! we sat at Waterfront Park on the Cooper river…..our Cooper loves the idea that he was named after this river. We could see the new Cooper River bridge on the left and the aircraft carrier on the right.

aie3  air2 air6air3 air4 air5 

the show was amazing!! so glad it was a windy day…or else we would of never left the beach!

Monday, April 26, 2010


just got back from vacation…well a few days ago…but still recovering….it was wonderful!

lets see…….over 450 pictures….where do i begin?!

i guess i’ll start at the beginning…..our 15 hour drive.

a car packed for a week on the beach and enough snacks and activities to keep the kiddos busy during the trip.

ride1 ride2

the iPods made the car really quiet at times.

we saw the Christmas tree tied to the roof in New Jersey….too funny.


and lots of traffic in Delaware, Maryland and DC…..not funny.


all in all…it really wasn’t a bad drive….we have had worse….like the year Caroline got car sick…for about 10 hours of the trip….the kiddos have become great little travelers….it went something like this……snack, coloring, iPod…..snack, craft, iPod……repeat for 15 hours….the kids had a lot of fun with car bingo and learning about the states we went through. About midnight we stopped at a hotel and got some sleep, with only a few hours left for the morning.

in the morning we were able to check in early and enjoy the beach all day!!!

beach4 (2)beach beach1  beach4 

still going through pictures….more pictures tomorrow!