Thursday, April 8, 2010

just dance

since she was 3 we have been bringing Caroline to dance class once a week

over 20 minute drive 2 towns over

this year i take her off the bus and race her to class, snack in the car, rush, rush, rush to make it to class on time.


every 5th class they do a little show for the parents


i love watching her concentrate on the steps


dance2 dance3 dance4


i hope she always loves to dance.


Pam said...

my little girl is now almost 12. she was a dancer when she was little..gave it up for a while and decided last year she wanted to dance again. your little girl is adorable!

Jeanneoli said...

So sweet! I wish my daughter still wanted to dance!

Steph said...

She is so adorable Jess! I love seeing dance pictures! I miss Hadleigh dancing. You brought back some great memories for me through your photos. I love her little leg warmers.