Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Morning

baskets ready


Caroline woke up first, hopped into bed with us because we wouldn’t let her wake up Cooper too early….she was so excited!

so many thoughts about the bunny

“i saw his shadow last night, but i didn’t hear him, i thought he would make a thump, thump sound, but he was really quiet. mom, did you tell him not to come in our room? because, he left a special egg outside our door. there must be lots of bunnies because South Carolina (?we live up North) is really big! the one we saw at the store, was he real? I think i saw our baskets when i went to the bathroom, and they were full of toys! can we wake up Coop? can i wake up Gramma?”

at 7am we let her wake coop….he was out!


and needed help going down the stairs because i think he still wasn’t awake.


they got busy picking up the trail of eggs the bunny left.


and coop looked out to the porch and found the goodies!


so excited about new toothbrushes!!


and then off to church! not sure why Caroline’s head bands always end up around her forehead….funny girl!

IMG_4430 IMG_4431

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