Thursday, October 30, 2008

They were sooooo excited to carve the pumpkin this how come I found myself carving it all by myself after 5 minutes? That's how long it took them to figure out "its really gooey in there mom." Caroline wanted to eat the pumpkin seeds, but she didn't want to get them out....

I captured this one picture of Cooper bravely putting his hand in.....he didn't realize what he was getting into.....he stuck out his tongue and said "eeewwwww" like I just served him veggies for dinner.

They wanted scary this year......

pumpkin carved. check.

candy bought (and not all eaten). check.

costumes ready. check.

decorations out. check.

"orange" dinner planned. check.

If I could only be this ready for Christmas....priceless.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Good Morning Snow!

The kids were excited to see the snow...Cooper kept calling it ice....just like when he saw the beach for the first time....he thought the sand was snow....calling it ice. I found the I need to find the snowsuits and boots....We didn't get as much as they thought....just enough to cover everything....including my car. I can't wait for the garage to be empty of construction material.....parking my car in there will be heaven! On the way to playgroup with Cooper I took these shots...I love it when the snow sticks to the trees......some trees haven't dropped their leaves yet.....still showing us some beautiful foliage.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Its cold, and raining.....snow this afternoon....I'm not ready for winter. Don't get me wrong, I love snow but around here winter starts in October and doesn't end until it too early to start planning our March vacation to Charleston? I have a feeling the next couple of months will be busy for us......are we crazy to think we'll have a functioning kitchen by the Holidays? Only time will tell....until then....I will be busy packing away the flip flops and shorts and getting out the sweaters, hats and mittens. Below is a picture from this morning....can they be any different?! Caroline's hair is turning darker with her brown eyes....Cooper is so handsome with his blonde hair, blue eyes. Caroline has been up for hours this morning....and I had to wake Cooper up to get Caroline to school.Trying to be positive with such dreary weather outside....I am very much a "weather person" When I see and feel the sunshine I feel happy...but the rain and snow make me feel like hibernating. Today would be a perfect day to bake......if I had an oven.....second choice.....a nap, yes, life is good.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Construction Progress

Lots of progress......things are really moving now! The doors are all in, stairs finished, electrical if I can just pick out the tile. The yard has been cleared, top soil down, grass seed, and straw.....looks so much better. But does grass grow when its snowing? yes people....there is snow in the forecast!!! Insulation went in on Friday.....and the radiant floor is warm and toasty!
Garage doors went in on Thursday! Yippee....never thought I would be excited about garage doors! The kids and I spent the afternoon putting the doors up and down.....there is an ounce of me who can't wait for the first snow so that our cars will be warm and dry!! Too bad the garage is full of Sheetrock...I couldn't fit my car in there even if I wanted to! we wait for the snow...I mean grass to grow, Sheetrock will go up and that needs to be tapped and sanded. And after going to a dozen tile stores...I have picked out about 6 possible tiles...I've gotten a few estimates for installation (yikes)....I think a glass of wine might help....and the neighbors opinion.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One happy boy

One happy boy......I have a feeling Cooper is not going to leave this window.....the construction crew is here today.....working on the yard, posts in for the screened in porch and the top soil is being delivered. Cooper even wore his "digger" shirt for the occasion......he is obsessed with diggers....spots them a mile away when we are in the car......instead of a security blanket he carries around a toy digger.....but when offered a ride by our crew he refuses....a bit scary up close and in person.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Fun at the Farm

We have been so blessed here in the Northeast.....warm sunny days, bright leaf colors, and cool nights....a perfect fall. Unfortunately, Rob had to teach a seminar up at the he missed out on all the fun we had at Ioka Farm. Can you see the fear in Cooper's eyes.......he did not want to sit in front of the decorations......big sister held his hand though.....and a great picture of all the cousins together.....Caroline couldn't resist holding a kitten she found in the barn. Cooper is holding Hunter's hand.....still not happy about those decorations.Cooper would have stayed here all day.....on the digger.....with happy boy
Caroline could have done this all day.......the big slide was a hit.....

Plenty of leaves to jump in!

Not crazy about the barn smell.....but loving all the animals we found.

Caroline needed Grampa's help with the balloon slingshot.

And Cooper needed help with the pumpkin races.....I loved watching the oldest cousin helping the littlest cousin....they decorated the pumpkin together and then raced it....very cool for Cooper to get all of that attention.

On another note.....I am playing hooky from Church today.......Rob took the kids and I am fully enjoying the quiet morning to have a second cup of coffee, post pictures, vacuum, catch up on laundry, change the bed sheets, cut coupons out, read the paper, plan weeks dinner menu and stay in my Pjs all peaceful hour all to myself.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Apples, Coaches and Pumpkins

A weekend filled with fall activities...we were blessed with another beautiful weekend.....makes it difficult to stay home and work on chores around the house...that's never off we went to the apple orchard..... a picnic lunch, hay ride and apple picking.

I love this picture...Cooper loves his daddy!
And he must have eaten about 5 apples.....every time I turned around he was eating a different kind....and Nani supplied the apple cider, just to hear Cooper say "apple juice"....yum!
did you pay for that apple?
Sunday after church we waited for the coaches to go by.....beautiful coaches and horses.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Foliage Walk

Thursday was gorgeous! A perfect fall after school we went for a walk to look at the leaves in the neighborhood.....all set to go! The colors are amazing this year......warm sunny days and cold nights=bright color.

About 10 minutes into the walk....Cooper gave up and wanted to be held...which meant I needed to carry him and his stroller......Caroline snapped this shot. We got home and realized Cooper had a temp of 101.....

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sweet Dreams

Last night I went in to check on Caroline.....she was out. Yes, she has Christmas pjs on....and one giant care bear....and 4 pillows (one of which is mine) and I see a glimpse of giraffe and her pink baby blanket.
I love taking pictures of her when she is peaceful, so sweet. She never sleeps without giraffe....and it touches my heart when she lets Cooper sleep with it. I love this one...still in a crib....I told her she could bring 2 books to bed with her......and this is how I found her.....future book club member. Giraffe, pink blanket and extra pacifiers.

Monday, October 6, 2008

All smiles!

all smiles this morning....Caroline slept till 7am! This is a big deal people.....she usually wakes up before the sun.....wakes me up before the sun....and I am not a morning person. Coop is my sleeper and I have to wake him up around 7:45am in order to be out the door by 8am to bring Caroline to preschool. She was so proud of herself and told everyone at playgroup this wonderful news! And the construction crew showed up.....yippee!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall Festivals

If there is a festival...we will find it. Last weekend was the Apple Squeeze...and of course there was an apple hunt! And face painting...or in Cooper's case....a gecko painted on his arm....he likes to talk to it all day. This weekend was the Harvest Festival at the Botanical favorite. Lots of things for the kids....eating and shopping for the adults...a win win. Check out the Hay Jump!!!

Instead of a sand box....there is the corn kernel box.
Caroline would like one of these.....
Cooper is happy with this......
Hula Hooping Fun
Cooper and the giant hoopAnd of course, for $5 a 2 minute ride on a horse.....the highlight of the day.

Cooper put his fears aside and got on the horse!!!! This was a big moment for our little monkey who adores horses but is scared of them up close.Hay maze.....and my two funny munchkins.

A beautiful fall day....the sun was shining but the air was cool. I need to dig out the hats and mittens and put away the flip flops....I am not looking forward to snowsuits just yet, especially with an unpredictable 4 year old and a soon to be potty training two year old. I savor these days we only have to throw on a fleece to be warm.