Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall Festivals

If there is a festival...we will find it. Last weekend was the Apple Squeeze...and of course there was an apple hunt! And face painting...or in Cooper's case....a gecko painted on his arm....he likes to talk to it all day. This weekend was the Harvest Festival at the Botanical favorite. Lots of things for the kids....eating and shopping for the adults...a win win. Check out the Hay Jump!!!

Instead of a sand box....there is the corn kernel box.
Caroline would like one of these.....
Cooper is happy with this......
Hula Hooping Fun
Cooper and the giant hoopAnd of course, for $5 a 2 minute ride on a horse.....the highlight of the day.

Cooper put his fears aside and got on the horse!!!! This was a big moment for our little monkey who adores horses but is scared of them up close.Hay maze.....and my two funny munchkins.

A beautiful fall day....the sun was shining but the air was cool. I need to dig out the hats and mittens and put away the flip flops....I am not looking forward to snowsuits just yet, especially with an unpredictable 4 year old and a soon to be potty training two year old. I savor these days we only have to throw on a fleece to be warm.

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