Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Its cold, and raining.....snow this afternoon....I'm not ready for winter. Don't get me wrong, I love snow but around here winter starts in October and doesn't end until May...is it too early to start planning our March vacation to Charleston? I have a feeling the next couple of months will be busy for us......are we crazy to think we'll have a functioning kitchen by the Holidays? Only time will tell....until then....I will be busy packing away the flip flops and shorts and getting out the sweaters, hats and mittens. Below is a picture from this morning....can they be any different?! Caroline's hair is turning darker with her brown eyes....Cooper is so handsome with his blonde hair, blue eyes. Caroline has been up for hours this morning....and I had to wake Cooper up to get Caroline to school.Trying to be positive with such dreary weather outside....I am very much a "weather person" When I see and feel the sunshine I feel happy...but the rain and snow make me feel like hibernating. Today would be a perfect day to bake......if I had an oven.....second choice.....a nap, yes, life is good.

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