Saturday, October 25, 2008

Construction Progress

Lots of progress......things are really moving now! The doors are all in, stairs finished, electrical if I can just pick out the tile. The yard has been cleared, top soil down, grass seed, and straw.....looks so much better. But does grass grow when its snowing? yes people....there is snow in the forecast!!! Insulation went in on Friday.....and the radiant floor is warm and toasty!
Garage doors went in on Thursday! Yippee....never thought I would be excited about garage doors! The kids and I spent the afternoon putting the doors up and down.....there is an ounce of me who can't wait for the first snow so that our cars will be warm and dry!! Too bad the garage is full of Sheetrock...I couldn't fit my car in there even if I wanted to! we wait for the snow...I mean grass to grow, Sheetrock will go up and that needs to be tapped and sanded. And after going to a dozen tile stores...I have picked out about 6 possible tiles...I've gotten a few estimates for installation (yikes)....I think a glass of wine might help....and the neighbors opinion.

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