Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Fun at the Farm

We have been so blessed here in the Northeast.....warm sunny days, bright leaf colors, and cool nights....a perfect fall. Unfortunately, Rob had to teach a seminar up at the he missed out on all the fun we had at Ioka Farm. Can you see the fear in Cooper's eyes.......he did not want to sit in front of the decorations......big sister held his hand though.....and a great picture of all the cousins together.....Caroline couldn't resist holding a kitten she found in the barn. Cooper is holding Hunter's hand.....still not happy about those decorations.Cooper would have stayed here all day.....on the digger.....with happy boy
Caroline could have done this all day.......the big slide was a hit.....

Plenty of leaves to jump in!

Not crazy about the barn smell.....but loving all the animals we found.

Caroline needed Grampa's help with the balloon slingshot.

And Cooper needed help with the pumpkin races.....I loved watching the oldest cousin helping the littlest cousin....they decorated the pumpkin together and then raced it....very cool for Cooper to get all of that attention.

On another note.....I am playing hooky from Church today.......Rob took the kids and I am fully enjoying the quiet morning to have a second cup of coffee, post pictures, vacuum, catch up on laundry, change the bed sheets, cut coupons out, read the paper, plan weeks dinner menu and stay in my Pjs all peaceful hour all to myself.

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