Friday, November 11, 2011

crazy fall

the snow has finally melted here….we were VERY lucky.

towns close by were out of power for over a week, the damage was devastating, kids out of school for a week, Halloween cancelled….after our crazy summer of crazy weather (tornados, earthquake and hurricane Irene)…we were ready for the worst….and came out of the storm with only 2 feet of snow.


we have been feeling lucky for every warm sunny afternoon i can send the kids out to play….        fall3

Cooper cracks me up EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. he does hopscotch!

tongue out, jumpy legs, crazy arms…full body motion!


so in addition to the crazy weather, back to school, hubby working his 2nd job as a college professor at night……i went on an interview…..and after 7 amazing years of being lucky enough to be a stay at home mom…..i am now back to work.


after the initial shock of it all…because it really happened so fast…one minute i’m working on my resume, the next minute i was looking for an interview outfit….and then 2 hours after i interviewed i was accepting the position….i woke up the next morning thinking….this is the next chapter of my life….bitter sweet….having both kids in school was a BIG adjustment for me…and now i’m no longer a stay at home mom.


and because i am not very good at handling change….i have lost a LOT of sleep.

but what has gotten me through it all…..this wonderful proud feeling…that i have for myself, that my hubby has complete confidence in me, and how EXCITED the kids are for me….

my cup runneth over.


i am starting to feel less overwhelmed….and more excited.

counting my blessings that things seem to be falling into place.


the other day, as i was sitting in my office….which just happens to be in my kiddos’ school (how LUCKY am i!!!)……i felt so content.


no matter how crazy…change is good.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat 2011

an eventful night!!

hubby and the kids were on the news AGAIN!!! our favorite reporter, Julie, came back!!! check it out HERE.  look for the witch and Scooby!!! and they filmed our house too!!!


a minor costume malfunction…but a few pins did the trick! and we had to add on another layer…cause it was freezing!!! and boots…cause there was snow!!!!

First things first…. i let them have a treat first…carrot cake cupcakes for an afterschool snack!


and our orange dinner!


and away we go to our festive neighbors house!!


she is a teacher who gives out candy AND pencils…the kids love that!!!


through the snow…


one of my favorite houses….

h3 h4 h5