Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat 2011

an eventful night!!

hubby and the kids were on the news AGAIN!!! our favorite reporter, Julie, came back!!! check it out HERE.  look for the witch and Scooby!!! and they filmed our house too!!!


a minor costume malfunction…but a few pins did the trick! and we had to add on another layer…cause it was freezing!!! and boots…cause there was snow!!!!

First things first…. i let them have a treat first…carrot cake cupcakes for an afterschool snack!


and our orange dinner!


and away we go to our festive neighbors house!!


she is a teacher who gives out candy AND pencils…the kids love that!!!


through the snow…


one of my favorite houses….

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Cindy said...

Trick or Treating in the snow!!!
too much!:)
Love the orange dinner and the cupcakes look yummy.
pencils are a good thing:)
have a happy day

Nicolle said...

That does seem so crazy, snow on Halloween. Your kids look adorable, and I LOVE those beautiful homes. :)

Jenny said...

Love the costumes. Love the cupcakes. Love orange dinner (why didn't I think of that!?) Love those houses. However, do not love the snowy trick or treating. Hope you all had fun anyway.

KERRY said...

Look at that snow!! So pretty and fun I imagine :)
How awesome your kiddos were on TV again, real little superstars!! Glad you had a fun Halloween and yum, those carrot cake cupcakes look delicious :)

sloan said...

i love that you're big celebs now, jess ;-) love the 'orange dinner' too - awesome idea!