Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hello Spring!!


and the rain has finally stopped…and everything is so green!

as i read other blogs…i am amazed that everyone is already talking about summer…..but here in the Northeast we are still in Spring mode….slowly coming out of hibernation after a long winter.


kids are not out of school until June 20th here…i am savoring every minute till…you see…these are the last days that I have Cooper home with me….so bitter sweet…as he goes through Kindergarten orientation and is full of excitement….I am watching him grow up right before my eyes…….and the days of being home with my kiddos is coming to an end….I will be a basket case in August when i put them both on the bus.

springpaperwhite but for now… we are enjoying our mornings together….early morning walks in the yard to check out the flowers, walks to the coffee shop, running errands, baking, cleaning, laundry….he is right by my side at all times….being so helpful, asking a gazillion questions, singing silly songs..i can’t even imagine my mornings without him!


my favorite flower….lily of the valley…we will be going outside today to pick the last of it.



the lilacs have finally bloomed


and we’ll be heading to the greenhouse this weekend to get our summer flowers.


Friday, May 20, 2011

when it rains….

yes..pouring here…all week…ugh.

and i haven’t been blogging..because life took over…i was not in control anymore….

so as i complain for a bit, please enjoy pics from the kiddos’ gymnastic show…they were fabulous!!!



so where should i start???…3 weeks ago i went to the doctors because of a blocked ear….blocked for over a week but i just kept thinking that one yawn was going to unblock it….

only to find out that its an ear infection…and as the doctor leaves the room, “I’m just going to get another doctor to take a look..” not what i wanted to hear…or kind of hear in my case.

so 2nd doctor came in and they had a long conversation…like i wasn’t there…only thing i heard was that i wasn’t going to get my hearing back for maybe 6 weeks?????   great.  and they want me to come back in 2 weeks…great.

and for the next 10 days i had to take 2 gigantic pills 2X day….i’m such a wimp.


in the last 2 weeks i had 2 unwanted dentist appointments…ugh.

i am not a good dentist patient, it was traumatic, but i was not allowed to cry because Cooper sat in my lap the whole time, fascinated by it all. “your getting a shot in your mouth momma??? thats a really big shot!!!”  I was a wreck.

after the last appointment, i dropped cooper at school, went home and went to bed…covers dramatically covering my head!


and lastly…hubby had knee surgery…everything went great, recovery well until the other day…..and might i add, i have a weak stomach when it comes to blood and anything medical…on the 4th day of recovery his knee wasn’t looking so great and he was in a bit of pain…..

after taking a quick looksy, my stomach did a flip flop….he needed to go back to the doctors.


tired of me complaining?

i feel better already.

back to the show….this girlie cracks me up!

gymsmsiles gym

she has been practicing all her moves like crazy.

gym5gym1  gym3

and man….can she jump!!!



so…..gymnastics over,

tennis and soccer started,

ballet recital soon,

hubby is healing and slowly limping around,

and my hearing is slowly coming back.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


a new tradition

Caroline and i brought Gramma to a Mother’s Day Tea at Ventford Hall….a Berkshire “summer cottage” that is being restored. 



caroline had a busy day…soccer, gymnastics, and tennis.

having some “girl time” was so nice!


Caroline spots her dance teacher from the Nutcracker taking pictures before the show.


2 local dance company’s performed 10 mini dances.

tea2 tea3

after the show we were treated to a wonderful Tea! I am wishing I took more pictures….but i was trying to take it all in!!!

tea4  teatable

can’t wait for next year!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day!!

for the past few years…2010, 2009, 2008…my wish on Mother’s Day is a visit to the Botanical Garden after church.

i was spoiled in the morning…breakfast in bed, endless homemade cards (my favorite!!) and flowers!

after church we headed to the gardens   bggate

my favorite spot to take pictures of the kids!!!


the garden had an exhibit of treehouses that were made by local designers….treehouse#1….not really a house in a tree but we liked it anyways!


treehouse #2  my favorite!


once inside…this is the view when you look up!!


the kids running to the next treehouse #3


treehouse #4 the kids’ favorite


tree house #5 least favorite…there were bees ;)


the children’s garden is amazing….a wishing tree, water pump, pebble pool, a solar powered water fountain…so magical, so fun for the kids to explore.


Caroline’s wish “ I wish for two dogs. I wish for a garden like this.”


family shot!!!

there is an amazing herb garden….i think i have the only 4 year old who is obsessed with lemon balm;)


I could spend all day taking pictures of the flowers.


and taking pictures of the kids….i didn’t even need skittles to bribe them to smile!!!


we had a picnic lunch

played frisbee


  i think we could of stayed all day…..Cooper, “can we see all the tree houses again???”

love that they enjoyed it as much as i did!      bgtulips