Friday, May 20, 2011

when it rains….

yes..pouring here…all week…ugh.

and i haven’t been blogging..because life took over…i was not in control anymore….

so as i complain for a bit, please enjoy pics from the kiddos’ gymnastic show…they were fabulous!!!



so where should i start???…3 weeks ago i went to the doctors because of a blocked ear….blocked for over a week but i just kept thinking that one yawn was going to unblock it….

only to find out that its an ear infection…and as the doctor leaves the room, “I’m just going to get another doctor to take a look..” not what i wanted to hear…or kind of hear in my case.

so 2nd doctor came in and they had a long conversation…like i wasn’t there…only thing i heard was that i wasn’t going to get my hearing back for maybe 6 weeks?????   great.  and they want me to come back in 2 weeks…great.

and for the next 10 days i had to take 2 gigantic pills 2X day….i’m such a wimp.


in the last 2 weeks i had 2 unwanted dentist appointments…ugh.

i am not a good dentist patient, it was traumatic, but i was not allowed to cry because Cooper sat in my lap the whole time, fascinated by it all. “your getting a shot in your mouth momma??? thats a really big shot!!!”  I was a wreck.

after the last appointment, i dropped cooper at school, went home and went to bed…covers dramatically covering my head!


and lastly…hubby had knee surgery…everything went great, recovery well until the other day…..and might i add, i have a weak stomach when it comes to blood and anything medical…on the 4th day of recovery his knee wasn’t looking so great and he was in a bit of pain…..

after taking a quick looksy, my stomach did a flip flop….he needed to go back to the doctors.


tired of me complaining?

i feel better already.

back to the show….this girlie cracks me up!

gymsmsiles gym

she has been practicing all her moves like crazy.

gym5gym1  gym3

and man….can she jump!!!



so…..gymnastics over,

tennis and soccer started,

ballet recital soon,

hubby is healing and slowly limping around,

and my hearing is slowly coming back.


sloan said...

geez, jess, you've been through a lot these last couple of weeks, I'm so sorry to hear it!! mostly i'm just glad to hear that while one of you is limping and the other is only half-hearing ... at least you're both on the mend at long last!! love the gymnastics pics, caroline's huge smile says it all!!

Kerry said...

Hey Jess how are you? I've been following your blog (I'm new to this world lol) and I enjoyed your recent post, especially the bit about your son sitting on your lap at the dentist!! Dentist needles are the worst :( Get better soon x

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Hey! I am catching-up on your blog. I have heard of more adults lately with ear infections....I hope things slow down for you soon, but it looks like your schedule is pretty full with sports.

Take care!
~Ricki Jill

Kim said...

holy moly! You definitely deserve a break. Isn't it so fun to take kids to dr's appts. Oh, I feel your pain there!

Hope everyone is on the mend SOON!

Caroline on the rings is priceless. That is a strong girlie you've got there!

Jenny said...

Oh honey, you poor thing! I am so sorry for you. I wish I could stop by and bring you some brownies or something. I hope you and hubby feel better soon.Love those gymnastics pics, my kids love gymnastics too. Take care. Hang in there.

Nicolle said...

You have been through a rough patch. Sorry!!! I hope things are getting much better. You are not complaining, we are here to listen, and it does help to get it all out. Love the pictures. :) Sending you a hug from Texas!