Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hello Spring!!


and the rain has finally stopped…and everything is so green!

as i read other blogs…i am amazed that everyone is already talking about summer…..but here in the Northeast we are still in Spring mode….slowly coming out of hibernation after a long winter.


kids are not out of school until June 20th here…i am savoring every minute till…you see…these are the last days that I have Cooper home with me….so bitter sweet…as he goes through Kindergarten orientation and is full of excitement….I am watching him grow up right before my eyes…….and the days of being home with my kiddos is coming to an end….I will be a basket case in August when i put them both on the bus.

springpaperwhite but for now… we are enjoying our mornings together….early morning walks in the yard to check out the flowers, walks to the coffee shop, running errands, baking, cleaning, laundry….he is right by my side at all times….being so helpful, asking a gazillion questions, singing silly songs..i can’t even imagine my mornings without him!


my favorite flower….lily of the valley…we will be going outside today to pick the last of it.



the lilacs have finally bloomed


and we’ll be heading to the greenhouse this weekend to get our summer flowers.



Shannon said...

Beautiful pictures! Don't feel bad about your cold weather out here in California it has been pretty cold compared to usual so I'm just hoping we actually get a summer because last year are summer was quite cold and cloudy.

Kerry said...

Hey Jess!
Your pics are beautiful, I only wish I could grow flowers as lovely, I have to stick to succulents lol.
Enjoy and cherish the last days before Cooper starts school, I know exactly where you are coming from. You will move to the next stage and adjust and find 'new' things to cherish together...I wish you loads of wonderful memories now and even more then...

Jenny said...

I agree, we have had so much rain that it is ridiculous. I will be glad to have some sun also. Hope you have a nice memorial day weekend.

sloan said...

yay, the lilacs have just bloomed here as well - don't they smell so beautiful?! btw, I love that 2nd shot (close up) of the lily of the valley, wowza!

i know exactly what you're going thru btw about cooper - when my littlest went off to KG I was a MESS, cried and cried and cried ... they grow so quickly! now i'm going thru it all over again as my ladybugs are both leaving the elementary school phase, they're about to finish 4th and 6th grades - yikes - HOW did that happen?!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I wish we had lilacs in Alabama, but it is too hot for them! Lovely post. Your kids get out of school so late!!! Mine are out *squee* I am so happy!

Gabe said...

Looks like you are right on track with us in Wisconsin. . .I love Lilies of the Valley too and they just finished bloomibg here. Now the peonies are ready to pop another fav.

We have one more week of school. Enjoy your time with your little man!

Kim said...

We just had a week of temps nearing 100 degrees. It was brutal. So spring seems long gone here. Today was in the upper 70's and it felt like fall! Crazy.

Lorri said...

Jess! These pictures are beautiful! I love them! I have been out of the loop lately, but glad to catch up! Happy Saturday!

Cindy said...

I know exactly how you feel about your littlest going off to K. I can't even imagine that day with Aubrey. Enjoy every minute of it. i know you are. Glad you are finally thawing out.
Have a happy day