Monday, June 6, 2011


pollen has been really bad this season…..but my only problem with it ….is that its all over our outside furniture….this bright yellow green that i have to wipe off anytime we want to sit outside.

there has been lots of sneezing, rubbing eyes, complaining of headaches….but not me.

walk3this season i have developed a new allergy….it seems that I’m allergic to exercise.

you see….for the past month I have been trying to take the hour that I usually blog with and trying to go for a walk….sometimes even a pathetic attempt at a jog.

but my body completely rejects any form of exercise….I get home exhausted…..never getting that “high” everyone talks about.

I have swallowed bugs

tripped on my own two feet

barked at and chased by dogs


and then there are the little critters that rustle in the tall grass as i run by…i have no idea if its a snake or chipmunk….I’m too SCARED to even look back.

and then there is Main Street in town that everyone drives by….where i’m trying not to look ridiculous…but its the ONLY flat road around…and i’m not a fan of hills.

and i have lost zero pounds….zero ounces for that matter…and the shorts are still a bit snug.

but that might have something to do with the fact that at the end of the walk/jog….Cooper wants to stop at the coffee shop for a treat….and did i mention that as i am pushing him in the stroller he talks and asks questions…CONSTANTLY….and its very hard to talk when i’m gasping for air.


i realize the pictures have NOTHING to do with my rant….but i couldn’t have a pictureless post…..these are from our weekend visit to a nearby nature park that had a family day event.

its amazing that no one fell into the pond.


Happy week everyone!!!


Pam said...

pollen everywhere here too. All over my black car, my black wicker porch furniture, my black trim in the powder room...and I think I'm also allergic to excercise. :)

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

My allergies have been awful this spring, too. I have got to start back exercising. It has been long enough since my surgery...I'm just procrastinating!

sloan said...

we are covered as well ... i've had to take claratin for the first time in years :( i love your pics, everything looks so lush ... i especially like the heart shaped leaves in that last photo!

Jen said...

Glad they didnt fall in the pond...mine would have intentionally jumped in! I wish I was allergic to exercise! Maybe I could say Im allergic to heat...that would give me the summer off! hmmmm.

Kim said...

oh man, I know that nasty pollen so well. But we had pollen season almost 2 months ago. Now we're into the dog days of summer before summer even starts! Ick! My big ballerina is now taking Claritan for it also. Maybe it'll help you too?

Maybe running just isn't your thing? Have you considered other forms of exercise instead?