Friday, June 24, 2011

Caroline’s Dance Recital 2011

this year Caroline took ballet/jazz

smiles before the show!

dance dance2dance4  dance1recital5recital recital2  


a big sigh of relief…i get so nervous for her….she is Not nervous at all…just so excited..i love that!

and this is the first year she didn’t cry when i did her hair….i’m just glad we didn’t need to put it up in a bun…she has been growing her hair all year….just for recital.

check out her past recitals…it doesn’t seem possible that she has been dancing for 4 years!     2010, 2009, 2008


Lorri said...

She looks adorable!!! I was so nervous before Annie's recital, too. I guess that is just the mother in us. Hope your weekend is fabulous!

Gabe said...

I always get nervous for my kids too. I told David that before Drew graduates High School I will have an ulcer from being the nervous nelly during all their games!

She is beautiful! And so glad that everyone was happy with the hair!

Kati Duncan said...

That child is ADORABLE. I just love her. So sweet.

Kim said...

awww...she looks so confident and happy! Good on you for not having to do a bun this year. :)