Tuesday, June 22, 2010

recital time


Father’s day around here was quickly taken over by Caroline’s recital.


Cooper patiently waits around as we get Caroline all ready….he told me he would like to do a recital so he can get flowers….I told him he has to go to dance class every week and wear a costume…he doesn’t mind as long as its not pink.


she was so excited and amazingly CALM….me, not so much!


oh the pressure of getting the perfect ballerina bun!!


this year she danced 2 routines, tap and ballet.

recital2010so poised

so confident

so focused!      


i am one proud mamma!

recitalc2010 IMG_5598

all smiles after the show!!


and time to watch the older girls.



Kim said...

Ohhh! She looks great out there. I sooo understand the stress of the perfect ballerina bun.

You got some great pix! Did they allow you to use a flash?

Cindy said...

I can relate to the ballet bun too!
this year the girls took jazz, so we only had to do low ponies, but still!!:)
I love the b&w picture
Enjoy the night