Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday morning

Rob’s work schedule gives him every other Friday off… nice to have him home an extra day!

this morning after getting Caroline on the bus i found Cooper and Rob out on the porch with the play-doh


i think you are either a “play-doh mom” or not….the mess, the smell, the mess!

my kids forget about it for awhile but then when i do bring it out its hours of fun!

i also cringe when they ask if they can make a fort in the living room…aka using every pillow and blanket to make one huge mess….but i say yes because they love it and they actually play together well for hours…how could i say no to that!

IMG_5494  IMG_5496IMG_5502  IMG_5498

so…i say yes to play-doh….but take note, i have them take it out on the porch…..are you a play-doh mom?


Kim said...

I'm the same way. I don't bring out the Play-Doh all the time, but when it's out they are in heaven!

And, games involving every pillow and blanket in the house are BIG here too. Glad I'm not the only one!

Great pix!

Cindy said...

Hi there,
Just came over from Pam's blog!:)

I am a so-so play-doh mom. I do admit that when it is out, they love it and can play for hours. I do kind of cringe a bit when they mix that crazy or what?!?:)

And pillow forts...what is it with those. My little sweeties like to take my throw blankets off the sofa and pull each other around on them like sleds!!:)

Enjoy the night
Love your blog!!:)

mommyholly said...

YES, we love play-doh! But you are right, only at certain times haha!! It makes it more special I think :)
xoxox Holly

Jennifer said...

No Play-Doh! If they could keep it in one piece, maybe (forget trying to keep them from mixing colors; that's a lost cause), but there seem like thousands of tiny little balls of it EVERYWHERE when they are done. I can't deal. I'll give them a fort anyday if it avoids them asking for Play-Doh.