Tuesday, June 29, 2010

sneaking in a little bit of culture

The Clark Art Institute had a Family Day on Sunday….a little bit of a drive for us…..but so much fun!!!

The day was filled with dance and music performances, endless creative crafts for the kids, free admission to the museum and so much more!!!!  The whole day was inspired by Picasso and Degas.

We recognized Caroline’s irish step teacher who dances for the Albany Ballet.

clarkballet clarkswing

the swing was a big hit….suspended from 2 trees… they harnessed the kids up and gave them a big push.



face painting…or arm painting for my 2 kiddos….and hair wrapping for Caroline.


we painted….


and sculpted….

clark clarkcooper

and created

clark1 clark2


after watching her older cousin ride the bull…Caroline had to try…a testament to her strong willed personality she held on so tight, determined not to let go!!! After hanging off the side for what seemed like forever…i finally had to tell her it was ok to let go!!!


we watched in awe as the Castellers de Boston Circus Guild created a human tower!!!


I was amazed how fast 5 hours went by…..in the crazy heat…not one whine from the kiddos….we were on the go the whole time except for a lunch and ice cream break…..can’t wait till next year!!!

1 comment:

Cindy said...

Wow, what a great day!
you are really having some fun this summer!
I love that swing and my girls would have loved it too.
Painting the wall...sculpting, pony rides, looks like a wonderful time!
Enjoy the day