Sunday, June 27, 2010

we took our monkeys to the zoo

a perfect day at Forest Park with friends!!!

zoo zoo1

i bet this little guy LISTENS to his MOMMA!


Llamas should have a warning label on them…..this one kept sneezing…yuck!

zoo3 zoo4 zoo5 zoo6

why can’t boys just smile normal for a picture? he was a little excited about the train ride!

zoo7 zoo8 zoo9   zooduck zoogoose


i took a million pictures but zero time to go through them all!!! our summer days have been busy ones!!!


Jen said...

Everybody's going to the zoo. It's on our list! It's just so hot!
Have a great night!

Kerri said...

Great pictures! Love the one with the kids following the ducks!

Kim said...

Great pix! I am cracking up at the idea of that guy w/the big ears listening to his momma. Too funny!

Oh, and are you sure the llama was sneezing? I've heard they SPIT at people??!?!

Cindy said...

We need to make it to our zoo this summer too.
Love the duck picture too.
Enjoy the night