Monday, June 14, 2010



does any one else have a kitchen table that looks like this?!

This time of year is crazy!!! 

5 graduations, teacher gifts, bus driver, i’m up to 10 birthdays in the next 30 days, Caroline, Rob and Cooper’s Birthday parties to plan for, invitations, Father’s Day and Caroline’s recital…..

IMG_5493 IMG_5491 

and the kids will be out for the summer soon!!!!

Here is hoping for a productive Monday….need to cross off a few things!!!!


Pam said...! My table is not looking nearly as pretty and organized as yours! Those bouquets are gorgeous!

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

love that tag! definitely going to be stealing that idea.

thanks for joining in the fun over at my blog. hope you day is a happy one!

Cindy said...

June is a super busy month for us too!!
End of the year, class parties, dance recitals, 3 birthdays and Father's Day!!! I feel your pain! :)
I so love that handmade hand print wrapping paper!!
Enjoy the day

Cindy said...

Hi Jess,
Just saw your question on my blog...the flip flop straws came from Hobby Lobby and actually so did the hanging decorations, they were just from a year ago. We were at the dollar store after this party and we saw lots of "Islandy" stuff there too.,
Good luck and have fun!

mommyholly said...

We just went through the whole end of year craziness as well!!! It felt like there was a weight lifted off of me when it was all done- plus, I was a wreck the entire day of my son's last day of Kindergarten haha!! ENJOY it, and those flowers are to die for gorgeous!!!! What a darling way to say thank you to a teacher! :)
xoxox Holly