Tuesday, June 8, 2010

summer fun list

we have been working on our “summer fun list”

inspired by Meg over at Whatever, a creative mom of 5 kiddos

check out her amazing list!!!! I am loving craft Thursdays.

Even though the kiddos have 2 more weeks of school we started thinking about our list….Cooper wakes up every morning with a new idea!! I love that!!!  I can’t wait to put his ideas into action…like making turtles and sunshine and flowers! I love the thoughts of a 3 year old!


we have added more items since i took this picture…..so many great ideas!


Jen said...

Oh how funny! I just bought the poster board to make our list today! Love lots of your ideas!
I hope you get to do them all! Have a fabulous summer!

Kerri said...

Hi! Found you over on Jen's blog!
We made a list a couple of weeks ago...summer is such an exciting time! Hope you have a FUN one!

Cindy said...

Too funny...your list looks a lot like ours!!
Have fun checking them all off!
I am following so i can come back often!!;)