Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 4th of July

signing off for a few days…..

with 90 degree weather in the forecast we will be heading to the lake!

my favorite weekend……i turn 35 tomorrow! tickets to see James Taylor at Tanglewood (i really won’t be too embarrassed if  Mr. Taylor wanted to sing happy Birthday to me!!! just sayin…in case someone wanted to mention it to him), picnics, fireworks and parade! 

IMG_5810 IMG_5806 IMG_5807  IMG_5809


Cindy said...

Happy Fourth to you and your family and have a great time at the lake!

Steph said...

What cute pictures! I bet you guys had a blast at the lake! Happy belated birthday to you! I hope you had a great day! I also just turned 35. (June 13) :)