Monday, June 22, 2009


recitals are a bit stressful to me
growing up my family was in to sports
not ballet
but i have a girl who loves to dance

and loves to be up on stage

costume ordered
tights with no holes
hair in a bun
don't forget the camera
oh wait...its Father's Day!
don't forget the flowers
organize fans...i mean family
don't forget the tickets
wait in line to get the best seat
carting around 2 year old brother
in the rain
and be on time!

hopping bunny show......about 5 minutes...i am the proudest mommy ever! click on the above photo to get a closer look....not one bunny is doing the same step...the show was hilarious.

caroline's biggest fan....but littlest in size....bypassed his usual 3 hour watch the need for a seat....he'll take the aisle.

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