Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"To Do" list and spring cleaning

trying to get things done around the house is "mission impossible" with kids around. we rushed to get the garden bed built....but the weather has been rainy and nothing is really growing. Hopefully by August it will be overflowing with eggplant, lettuce, carrots and cucumbers.....we have been waiting to landscape this side of the house until the driveway was finished....hence the dirt and stones.

Rob finished the barn doors......way better than the plywood!!!! the driveway was finally finished on Monday!!! Yippeee! the kids set up camp in the garage to watch the one point one of the guys saw the kids eating lunch and mentioned to cooper that if he ate the crusts of his sandwich he would be "big and strong"......i now have a 2 year old who eats his whole sandwich!Please tell me everyone has a room like this?! this is our sunroom on the second floor....that door goes to Caroline's room and there is another door that goes to our room....but this has been our dumping ground for project for the next two clear this room out and get all of this junk tagged for a garage sale.

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