Wednesday, June 24, 2009

origami boxes

teacher gifts....this year i decided to give Caroline's preschool teachers a gift certificate to the local coffee shop/bakery....what teacher doesn't need a cup of coffee and a chocolate peanut butter brownie?!

i thought it might be cute to give them in handmade boxes so i tried my hand at making origami boxes using this easy tutorial

i used 12X 12 Amy Butler specialty paper....i used the whole sheet for the top of the box and then used 11.5 X 11.5 for the bottom. the first box i made was crap so i cut that one up and crinkled the paper for the inside.

Tomorrow is Caroline's last day of preschool......we had so many snow days the kids are in school almost till July!


Michele Renee said...

Those are really cute!!! My boys learned recently that areas with snow do have snow days into the summer. That made them feel a little better for hardly ever seeing snow in GA.

Laura said...

really cute, remind me next year to have you make all of my teachers gifts!

and LOVE THE SONG! Named out cat after it!

Jamie said...

Such a great gift idea! The boxes are so nice! And yikes to so many snow days! I thought WE had a lot this year.