Friday, June 19, 2009

a girl can change her mind right?

so...we are getting ready for a tag sale....going through years of house! When we married Rob tried to incorporate his stuff with mine...i say try because we have very different taste. Comfy chairs that he could not part with...i covered them. Wooden statues his grandfather gave him....i banished to the workroom. 10 years ago when he showed me these plates i said "no way." he couldn't part with after 10 years, 3 moves....he boxed them up and saved them. Until 2 weeks ago...i don't know what came over me....I said, "where are those plates?" and for 2 weeks we have been searching for them and do you know that we couldn't find them...i think he thought i secretly got rid of them....not me! the last box, in the creepy corner of our creepy attic.....we found the dishes.....and i L.O.V.E them!
so...the tag sale hasn't even started and i am already excited! my mother-in-law and her husband came over this morning with 2 cars full of junk....and looky what i found!
vintage linens i can't resist....a beautiful mirror and a glass jar.
my mom and her husband are driving over tonight to set up their stuff...oh goody goody.

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